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September 2007
September 2007 TOC

September 2007


S.W.A.T. September 2007 is another expanded issue, 116 big pages filled with the reliable, provocative and exciting material you expect and deserve from S.W.A.T. each month. Meet our new Enemy at the Gate columnist Stewart Rhodes, and check out the first sweepstakes we've done in months. Enter to win a Wilson Combat M-4T!

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Choose Your Words Wisely

Far too many people who are paid to carry a gun have given little or no thought to tactical communications, particularly in a crisis. Tactical communications are more than just talking on a headset or into a radio. They run the whole gamut of verbal and/or visual expression used to convey an idea. When under stress during an armed encounter, you must have a pre-programmed or rehearsed plan to employ. Anything else is leaving too much to chance. What should you say or not say?


Mystery Rifle of East German Security Forces

The 5.45x39mm SSG-82 was billed as a sniper rifle produced for the East German Stasi--the dreaded Secret Police of the DDR. The rifle itself has been shrouded in myth and mystery, and Thompson aims to find answers to some of the questions surrounding it.

Remington Eye Ball

Revolutionary Tactical Surveillance System

Remington has entered the tactical surveillance field in a big way with the introduction of the revolutionary Eye Ball(TM) R1 surveillance system. The Eye Ball (sensor) is a wireless omni-directional CCD camera and sensitive microphone housed in a black-matte polyurethane rubber ball. The ball is weighted on the bottom so that it's self-righting when tossed onto any flat surface. Not much larger than a baseball and weighing only 1.3 pounds, the Eye Ball offers capabilities that are unmatched by any other tactical surveillance system. It's a powerful audio and video intelligence tool that can be rolled, tossed, dropped or mounted where teams need it most.

Target Diagnostics

Finding and Fixing Shooting Problems

People get waxed in battle for a myriad of reasons: using poor tactics, losing control of emotions, biochemical changes under duress causing audio/visual misperception and loss of motor skills, and even simply running out of luck. What is crass stupidity, however, is to have a firearm at hand for potential use--be it as a homeowner or frontline soldier--when you know you have a marksmanship problem and don't attempt to do something about it. So how do you go about fixing your shooting problem? Read on....

Pre-Training Equipment Issues

Tactical Components for Carbine Classes

People attend training for a wide variety of reasons. Regardless of the rationale for attending, the end state is to build new skill sets. That skill building should include a combination of weapons manipulation, practical marksmanship, mindset and equipment issues. A great many people show up at class with gear that is either insufficient or superfluous to the task. The author offers guidelines for outfitting yourself properly for the tasks at hand.

Subcompact Shootout

Choosing a Subcompact Handgun

The .38 snub-nosed revolver is the classic small carry gun. In recent years a challenger to the .38 snubbie's status as king of the subcompact handguns has arisen: the truly small 9mm auto pistol, epitomized by the Kahr PM9. How do these two weapon types compare in the sort of fast shooting and gun manipulation required in self-defense? A Smith & Wesson Model 642 Centennial Airweight and a Kahr PM9 shoot it out.

AK-47 or AR-15...

Why Not Both?

AK haters, approach this one with an open mind. In the current world of "fighting carbines," there are two main camps, each with staunch supporters. In the first is the AR-15/M4 ("AR") carbine, which is well known for its outstanding ergonomics, superlative accuracy, light weight and ability to accept modifications that make it shine in CQB environments. In the other camp, the AK-47/AKM/AK-74 ("AK") is king, and even the biggest AR fan will admit that the AK's ability to survive rough treatment and function under the nastiest of conditions is unsurpassed. So, which is the best? The correct answer is: both.

Classic Look for a Classic Pistol

Pro-Custom Lasergrips for the 1911

Crimson Trace has come out with the next edition of its Pro-Custom line of Lasergrips--burlwood-finish Lasergrips for 1911 pistols. This is something that many 1911 owners have been longing for. The Pro-Custom Lasergrips are stock Lasergrips that have a custom pattern imparted on the polymer grip panels by a proprietary process. The process enables virtually any pattern to be created. As of this writing, there are four Pro-Custom models featuring RealTree Hardwoods Green HD (for S&W K, L and N frame round-butt revolvers) and burlwood finish (for 1911 pistols).

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Worthwhile Charities Benefit Troops

Some new charities have come into being in the last half-decade whose focus is to help members of our Armed Forces in one way or another. By now we all know that our troops don't always get everything that they clearly should in terms of training, equipment and post-service support and benefits. No single charity or organization can help every service member with everything, so of necessity they generally are focused on a particular group or problem. Read more about some of these charities and what they're doing to help the troops.

Cavalry Arms CAV-15 Scout Carbine

Next Generation of AR-15?

Cavalry Arms has come a long way in a relatively short period of time since they began manufacturing AR-15-type rifles in 2000. They have also continued to improve their product line. S.W.A.T. gets our hands on Cav Arms' latest, the Cav-15 MKII, and puts it through its paces.

Active Shooters in the Classroom

Case Histories and Proposed Tactics

On the heels of the most recent school shooting at Virginia Tech University, first responders now, more than ever, must seriously consider their current tactics related to the prevention, intervention and subsequent termination of an assault on our nation's schools. With the unpredictable attacks that have occurred in our local elementary schools, high schools and universities, we are faced with a severe and uncontrollable situation that can occur at any time, in any city and without notice. The authors look at case histories and propose tactics for future scenarios.