BCM Gunfighter Grip MOD 3 is a solid alternative to stock M16A2-style pistol grip found on most ARs with performance-driven features.


Today’s shooter is blessed with an intimidating array of replacement pistol grips for the AR platform. It seems that a new and (supposedly) improved model is offered to the market every few weeks.

This is understandable with the quantities of rifles being purchased and the shortcomings of the stock M16A2-style pistol grip. The stock grip is serviceable, but given an option, few talented shooters from any specialty the AR is adapted to would knowingly choose it.

Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) joined the pistol grip fray a little over a year ago with their Gunfighter Grip, and has recently offered a modification to their product. The MOD 3 is a high-impact polymer pistol grip that is a drop-in replacement for the A2 part. All the shooter needs is a long bladed screwdriver or Allen wrench, depending on how the rifle maker attached the stock unit, and about two minutes of time. The grip is offered in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Foliage Green, which are the big three for all things AR.

The BCM Gunfighter Grip series has a variety of features that a user can gravitate to. The most noticeable is probably the grip angle. Where the A2 grip and several high-quality replacement options have an aggressively raked angle, the Gunfighter Grips have a more vertical approach. This decreased angle applies to several situations.


More vertical grip angle of BCM Gunfighter Grip MOD 3 is immediately apparent and visually different but allows shooter to carry and control the rifle with less strain than the original.


I handed a MOD 3 equipped carbine to one very experienced Marine who was immediately taken by how much more comfortable the hand was while carrying the weapon as in patrolling or at the indoor ready. We joked how the grip should be purchased as a funding line within physical therapy programs for our warriors, since so many have spent countless hours with the shooting-hand wrist in an uncomfortably contorted position to safely carry the weapon.

Another application for the more neutral grip angle is for those using short-barreled rifles (SBRs) or carbines as entry guns with the stocks collapsed to a short length of pull. The BCM unit radically changes the feel of the weapon, with the weapon controls so near the body in a squared-off shooting stance. The A2 grip angle puts a considerable amount of torque and tension on the shooting hand when using a short-stocked AR in a submachine gun style stance. The MOD 3 shines in this application.

The other end of the spectrum is using the AR for precision, whether as a dedicated Designated Marksman’s or Special Purpose Rifle (DMR/SPR) or simply to get better hits from a general-purpose carbine. The more neutral angle places the hand in an advantageous relationship to the trigger, where the shooter can apply pressure from a more perpendicular location. The MOD 3 builds on this from the earlier versions by adding a beavertail to fill in space at the rear of the lower receiver and adding more circumference to the grip.

These features allow the shooter to easily place the shooting finger on the trigger face in a natural position on the pad of the fingertip. I have found that this, along with the increased relaxation in the hand from the changed angle, gives a slight boost to difficult shots. In running the MOD 3 over the last several months, I have found the hits coming just a bit easier. The grip’s overall size is a great compromise of improving reach to the trigger and circumference for the size XL glove bunch, while remaining trim enough for average and smaller hands.


BCM Gunfighter covers gap at base of trigger guard and also has a water-resistant storage compartment with generous capacity.


There are several very effective target-style grips for prone work that are so large a rifle can feel awkward in fast handling. This grip is aliased toward general work and is very good on precise shots.

The result of the more neutral grip angle in most applications is that the firing hand is more relaxed. Shooters who like to drive the weapon more from the firing hand may require a test drive to determine suitability.

There are several other features that round out the MOD 3. Like several other quality grips, it has a slight lip where the grip meets the trigger guard, to cover the gap where the trigger guard hinges. Anyone who has spent a lot of time or miles with an AR can attest to how valuable this feature is.

The grip has a hinged cover with locking rubber flange to allow storage. Unlike aftermarket alternatives with dedicated appropriately sized compartments for batteries or other whatnots, the BCM is open storage. I appreciate this approach.

I generally do not store much on the rifle, but the things I sometimes do have not fit inside some of my other favored pistol grips because of the compartment size. Storage on the MOD 3 is generous enough to spark creativity. I have always thought that a survival kit in the pistol grip might make sense and, given the space to play with, I might act on it now.

The MOD 3 has a more aggressive texture molded into the grip than the earlier models and it feels good, giving the shooter solid control and purchase. The front of the grip sports horizontal serrations for added traction.

The back of the grip is smooth, and something I would change. While not a deal breaker, I would like to see the texturing from the sides extended around to the bottom third of the backstrap.

When the first Gunfighter Grips were introduced, several top-shelf shooters I know immediately converted. With the advent of the MOD 3, I think quite a few more will.


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