Ever since Publisher Rich Lucibella acquired S.W.A.T. Magazine in 2001, we have raised the bar time and again.

First, we increased the frequency from nine times per year to 12. At a time when most print publications were reducing the number of pages, we increased the number of pages. Going a step beyond that, whenever ads went over 40%, we added pages to give readers more editorial. We have also offered digital subscriptions for both iOS and Android for many years.

One of the very first publications to engage in social media, S.W.A.T. has over one million fans on Facebook.

All that and much more.

Keeping up with the times is more than current Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs), it also involves current technology. And we’re happy to announce we are doing just that with a new online version of S.W.A.T. in addition to our print issues.

By simply going to www.swatmag.com, readers will be able to access new articles, videos, and over 800 archive articles from 2006, including sage advice from Louis Awerbuck and Pat Rogers. The site is easy to navigate, with main categories of Survival, Weapons, Training, and Tactics, and relevant subcategories in each.

We will be collaborating with the Personal Defense Network (PDN) on this new venture. PDN is the leading source of no-nonsense personal defense information on the web, and we are excited about joining forces to bring you the best experience possible.

The site is free, so please feel welcome to explore it from your favorite devices. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you.

We will be continuing the print edition and subscribers will receive exclusive content to articles not available online.


For almost 40 years, S.W.A.T. Magazine has been known for its “tell it like it is, no punches pulled” style, and has long been the most trusted gun magazine in print. S.W.A.T.’s subject-matter experts include veteran law enforcement officers and some of the most well-respected firearms trainers in the industry. On the military side of the house, current and former members of such elite units as Special Forces, MARSOC, and SEALs are among S.W.A.T.’s authors. For additional information, visit www.swatmag.com.


Personal Defense Network® (PDN) is the leading source of no-nonsense personal defense information on the web. Based in Minneapolis, PDN offers a range of personal defense instruction to those serious about arming themselves for defense in every aspect of their lives. Enlisting the professional services and experience of its network of contributors throughout the United States, PDN is focused on providing high-quality personal defense editorial and video content on the Internet. For additional information, visit www.personaldefensenetwork.com.

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