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Subgun Smackdown: SIG MPX vs. Zenith Z-5 MP5

The submachine gun was birthed in the blood and filth of World War I as a compact combat tool optimized for trench clearing. Typical infantry rifles were cumbersome bolt-action monsters that could reach out past a kilometer and serve double duty as a proper pike with a bayonet attached. But when the engagement distance was close enough to smell what your opponent had for breakfast that morning, something handier and faster was needed. Read More

Police Trade-In Bonanza: Used Service Weapons Find New Life

I don’t know about you, but for me there’s just something about a former service weapon. That it protected and served gives nobility to such a piece, every bit of wear on the finish humbly calling out as time spent honorably. Whether it ever was drawn in desperation or anger… Read More

Teutonic Titan: German MP40

Lieutenant Waverly Wray was an officer in D Company of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment in June 1944. He dropped into Normandy on D-Day with the 82nd Airborne Division. A former Mississippi state revenue agent whose combat exploits were the stuff of legend, Lt. Wray grew up right down the… Read More

Flawed or Flawless?: Internet Facts and Fallacies

Flawless: adjective, without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect. The shooting industry and community—no matter what the discipline—are extremely opinionated and in some cases may be what many consider to be gullible. All of us look for information on the Internet for a variety of reasons, and what we wind up… Read More

Hype or Hope? G2 Research RIP Round

The Internet has recently been hyping—and at the same time ridiculing—a nasty-looking radical solid-copper hollow-point (HP) handgun bullet that reminded me of Bill Kaswer’s saw-toothed “Pin Grabber” bowling pin bullet as well as Winchester’s Black Talon round. This bullet received a lot of hysterical mainstream press concerning complaints from emergency… Read More

Freedom of Choice: M4 or MP5?

About 20 years ago, I was an Army ROTC cadet attending pre-officer training at Ft. Lewis, Washington. We were at an impact area watching a demonstration of different types of artillery that the U.S. Army had in its inventory. The weapons being demonstrated were the 105mm Howitzer and the 155mm… Read More

Arms Through the Ages: Military Arms in the Hands of Citizens

While the history of mankind is characterized by war and conflict, that history is often driven by technology. Starting when that hypothetical early soldier tied a sharp rock to the end of a stick and made himself a spear, man has tried to produce weapons superior in effect and efficiency to those of his enemies. While the current public discourse on “assault weapons” incites frenetic opinions on both ends of the political spectrum, what seems to be lost is simply how tired the argument itself has become. The scariest full-auto polymer “assault rifle” of today will be ancient history a century from now. Read More

Midget Wrestling: Battling Buzzguns From a Bygone Era

MP5K-PDW was designed specifically to arm aircrew and combat support personnel in emergency situations. Back in the 1970s and early 1980s, there was a niche arms race to see who could produce the smallest practical submachine gun. The Czech VZ-61 Skorpion and Russian Stetchkin machine pistol led the… Read More

Raising Havoc: Spike’s Tactical 37mm Launcher

Spike’s Tactical 9″ Side-Loading Havoc Launcher and Kaos Side-Folding Stock System equipped with L-3 EOTech EXPS3, Specter Gear MOUT sling, and CAA PBSS sling swivel, along with Pace XD 37mm round. The 37mm smoothbore launcher is a multi-use platform with both civilian and law enforcement applications,… Read More