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RENDITION OF A CLASSIC: Alchemy Custom Weaponry Prime

Alchemy Custom Weaponry Prime is a flawless rendition of Browning’s timeless 1911, built with modern materials and equipment and old-world craftsmanship. Prime features rugged one-piece rear sight, serrated with deep U-notch for quick alignment. ACW’s unique logo is… Read More

NEWEST MAGNUM HANDGUN: .327 Federal Magnum

Skull borrowed from Dunton Ranch is for show, but Ruger Single Seven housed in a Baranti holster is the real deal for a great trail gun. Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that read, “The buck stops here!” It was a simple… Read More


Working Geissele on Gunsite’s Military Crest Range was almost too easy. Accuracy was excellent and Comp M4S kept it simple and consistent. For the last two decades, I have looked at the 5.56mm carbine through the optic of a patrol rifle. It started in… Read More


Mossberg FLEX Tool-Less Locking System allows a single shotgun action to be easily configured for multiple missions. Same gun can hunt doves, bust clays, eliminate evildoers, or quell a riot. What exactly is the ideal single survival gun? You’d think by now geeks like… Read More

SIXGUN STRESS RELIEVER: Ruger’s New Wrangler Revolver

Ruger’s new Wrangler is available in Silver, Burnt Bronze, and Black. In 1953, the year before I was born, Ruger introduced the Single-Six single-action revolver. Although it was released in an era when double-action revolvers were king among private citizens and peace officers, it… Read More

RIFLE SET-UP: Mission vs. Situation

Dual-optic carbines give user best of both capabilities: red dot for CQB and LPVO for long-range threats. Transition between them is extremely fast, thanks to modern 45-degree offset mounts. When conducting direct-action missions to take down buildings or compounds, the norm is to expect… Read More

THE FIRECLEAN GUN: Three More Years of Testing

Spoiler alert: Test rifle motoring along at just under 10,000 rounds. FIREClean is one of the market leaders in the new wave of high- performance, non-toxic firearm lubricants. In 2016, I wrote about a test where I took a milspec Bravo Company Mfg upper… Read More

BIG-BORE BLASTER: Ruger AR-556 MPR in .450 Bushmaster

Ruger AR-556 MPR in .450 Bushmaster as set up for evaluation. Last year Ruger added a model to their AR-556® MPR line chambered for the .450 Bushmaster cartridge. The company’s Ruger American Ranch chambered for that cartridge has been one of Ruger’s best-selling rifles,… Read More