June 2016

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Double-Deuce Drills: Real-Deal Rimfire Training

Rimfire ammo is slowly reappearing on shelves after several years of famine. I’m not sure it will come back to truly regular availability for bulk packs anytime soon, but with a little shopping, you can find the rimfire stuff—well, at least for a few minutes before it gets purchased. Read More

From Sea to Shining Sea: Bravo Company Mfg Recce-14 KMR-LW

Manufacturers of America’s Rifle—the AR-15—continue to proliferate, literally running the gamut from A to Z. Some of these rifles are quality through and through. Some would better be used as a boat anchor while fishing for lake trout. The majority probably fall somewhere in the middle. Read More

The Cutting Edge: Spartan Blades Velos EDC Lapel Dagger/Tool

Spartan Blades, LLC, was founded by two retired U.S. Army Special Forces NCOs with the singular mission to “manufacture finely crafted tactical and field knives.” Curtis V. Iovito and Mark Carey, co-founders of Spartan Blades, bring a combined 43 years of infantry and military special operations experience to their innovative and functional knives. Spartan Blades are now in use with SOF operators around the globe. Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Fewer Guns To Fight Terrorism

In response to several recent high-profile attacks by Islamic terrorists in France, the French government has announced plans to dramatically increase both the number of police officers in service and the amount of firepower available to each officer. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve stated that officers will now carry select-fire… Read More

Good Guys Win: Second Amendment in Action

Used decisively and with determination, even a small pistol can make the difference between being a survivor or a statistic. “I’m Going To Kill You” The quiet of a house in Norman, Oklahoma was shattered late on a Saturday night when several masked figures kicked in… Read More

Offbeat: MTM Tactical Magazine Cans

When I plan a trip to the range, I preload magazines to make the most of my time while there. I follow the same procedure when attending a course, as it allows me to spend time hydrating or maybe jump back on the line if there’s an empty slot on a relay. Read More

King of the Autos: SIG Sauer Elite Stainless P220

The 10mm Auto (10x25mm), which I have carried on duty and used in competition, has become one of my favorite self-defense and pistol hunting calibers. Loaded to the max, it’s quite powerful and was designed to deliver .41 Magnum ballistics in a semiauto handgun. But the .41 Magnum revolver round remains energy boss at a maximum of 1,135 foot-pounds of muzzle energy (me), while the ten has made it to 1,015 foot-pounds with lighter projectiles at 2,420 feet-per-second (fps). Read More