June 2010

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The Rule of Two: Backup, Backup, Backup

At first glance, being armed with a loaded pistol seems adequate for most situations. If you make the gun a Glock 17, you have 18 tries to stop an armed assailant. If you carry a gun, a quality light should always be with you. I habitually carry a Surefire E2 Executive, even in my briefcase on an airplane.

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The Cutting Edge: Spyderco Warrior

Throughout history, certain weapons have risen beyond the status of simple tools of war to become true icons—instantly recognizable symbols of the people who wielded them. In the realm of edged weapons, knives such as the Fairbairn-Sykes dagger, the Nepalese kukri, and the venerable Ka-Bar immediately come to mind. One less prominent, yet still highly…

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Long Guns: Barrett 98 Bravo .338 Lapua

I started shooting .338 Lapua sniper rifles because I write about military special ops units, and many of them have started using .338 Lapua rifles. Some, in fact, now use the .338 Lapua chambering in their primary long-range rifles. This choice is understandable if you look closely at the cartridge. It has the power to…

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Offbeat: EAG Dump Pouch

Less than ten years ago, the dump pouch was seldom seen outside a few small communities of users. But with the onset of regular combat in 2003, the utility of a non-dedicated pouch was quickly recognized and spread throughout the combat arms professions. Empty M249 SAW pouches, NOD pouches, extra canteen cases and other readily…

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Not Just Another AR: Para USA Tactical Target Rifle

I first saw the Para USA Tactical Target Rifle (TTR) at the NRA Convention in Phoenix, Arizona in May 2009. While intrigued with the rifle’s features, I did not have a chance to obtain one for evaluation until early 2010. With the prevalence of AR manufacturers, one may ask if we need yet another variation…

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Street Smarts: “Pay Attention, Dammit!”

Have you ever found yourself thinking about tree-dwelling rodents or exterior latex paint in the immediate aftermath of a gunfight? It seems certifiably crazy, but having these types of strange, intrusive thoughts during times of crisis is such a prevalent phenomenon that I’m going to expend my monthly allotment of fresh Grade A Pontification to…

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