January 2009

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D.I.Y. Knife Training: Hone Your Skills at Home

Seen or unseen, knives are all around us. Peace officers and private citizens alike carry a blade as a back-up self-defense tool; some even seek training in their use. Considering the blade culture of the criminal world, it seems logical that those of the tactical persuasion should become proficient with this most common of weapons.…

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Build a 9mm AR: Easy To Assemble, Affordable To Shoot

Carbines chambered for the 9mm Luger cartridge have enjoyed enormous popularity for a long time. They’re found everywhere, from casual shooters and competitors to law enforcement and anti-terrorist agencies. While the HK MP5 is usually considered King of the 9mm carbines, it is expensive and out of reach for most private citizens. Now, with soaring…

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Offbeat: Upgrading The AK

There is no doubt that the AK-47 has become a mainstream firearm. As it continues to make inroads, we are seeing more and more innovative products. We also see products that are less than functional and some that are just plain junk. The biggest complaint from my students about AKs, as compared to the ubiquitous…

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