For the private citizen or undercover officer, the cell phone pouch may be just the thing. The manual-opening knife is identical to the badge holder knife.

Atlanta Cutlery has two new knives that every professional should know about. They are worn hidden in plain sight.

The first of these patented units incorporates a knife built from 420 stainless. It’s black coated and first class in looks and performance. The knife is solidly attached to a perfectly normal looking and versatile cell phone belt holster. The knife is built into the back of the pouch, and the belt clip is part of the knife. Just as with any other cell phone belt unit, it clips onto the belt, waistband, etc. This idea is original and the execution is excellent.

The pouch itself is extremely well designed for carrying a wide range of cell phones. When I first saw the unit, mine was one of several different phones I tried in the pouch. All were accommodated perfectly.

Once the lock is neutralized, all the user has to do is push the button and …

The knife is manual opening but still quite fast into operation. The blade is single-edged and features a spear point. Blade length is two inches and the actual edge length slightly more than that because of the curve of the blade. Width at its widest point is 11/8 inch.

The knife uses a frame lock, and lockup seems quite solid. When the knife blade is folded closed, visible on the upper right side is a lever that serves as a trigger. Using the first finger, pull the trigger to start the opening process. As the blade comes open, the trigger disappears and there is enough room for your thumb to catch the thumb stud and complete the opening process. Merely press the pouch side of the frame—the frame lock—and the blade can be folded closed. Once closed, the frame lock is actuated to keep the blade closed.

… the two-inch blade flicks open instantly.

Quality is exceptional. The knife frame is solidly attached to a heavy pad of ballistic nylon, hook-and-loop material and a snap attaching the pad to the phone pouch, the pad sewn to the case near the very top. The body of the phone holder and the flap are all one piece. The sides of the case are gusseted with elastic. The flap closes with hook-and-loop material. The interior of the pouch features an elastic pocket, which could be used for a driver’s license and credit card. If you saw someone wearing the phone pouch, you really wouldn’t look twice.

For the good guy using it as an emergency weapon, this knife and cell phone case combination could be a real lifesaver. If you’re a police officer and don’t know that this knife is out there, it could prove to be a problem, since it is so innocuous looking.

Manual-opening badge case knife on Dirty Bird Splattering Target from Birchwood Casey.

The cell phone pouch is available in black and pink.

Although many peace officers might find the phone holder ideal, Atlanta Cutlery offers two special law enforcement models, which were initially developed at the request of a law enforcement agency. In this instance, the knife is built into the back of the badge/shield carrier, of the kind an officer might wear clipped to his belt or under a shirt or jacket on a neck chain.

One of the two law enforcement designs incorporates the exact same knife used with the cell phone holder. The knife with the second version—already popular with police—is an automatic.

The automatic is very fast and features a lockout lever. That lever, which prevents accidental opening if you do your part, must be rotated rearward/downward. The push button is depressed and the blade flies open. If you want added security against accidental closing while the knife is in use, push the lockout lever back to its original position.

Badge case knife in belt case mode.

To close the knife, once again rotate the lockout lever rearward/downward. Depress the push button to start the knife closing, then release the button. Make certain to push the blade all the way closed and place the lockout lever into the forward/upper position.

Getting a badge or shield onto the unit is facilitated by hook and loop fastening the badge/shield portion. The badge/shield area is sewn to the onepiece leather body.

“Innocuous” is again the operative word. This is an added weapon a plainclothes law enforcement officer (or private citizen with the manually opening knife) can wear hidden in plain sight. The chance of a bad guy realizing the belt clip is a manual or automatic opening knife is beyond remote. A black neck chain is also provided. Suggested retail price is $34.95.

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