There is no such thing as a magic bullet. Shot placement is the deciding factor.
There is no such thing as a magic bullet. Shot placement is the deciding factor.

On the Way to Sunday School

A middle-aged Detroit woman and her adult daughter were leaving for church at 1030 on a Sunday morning when they were accosted by a strange man on the walk in front of their house. He grabbed one of the women by the coat and demanded money, but she was able to pull away, and the pair fled into the house, with their assailant hot on their heels.

With the belligerent stranger now inside her home, the woman feared for the safety of not only herself and her daughter, but also her elderly mother, who lived in the home. Retrieving a handgun she kept for protection, she fired twice at the intruder, striking him with fatal results. When responding officers arrived on the scene, the home invader was already deceased. Police told reporters the shooting was in self-defense and no arrests would be made.

SOURCE: WXYZ-TV, Detroit, Michigan, 12/2/18

Machete Mayhem

At 0200 hours on a Sunday at a Coral Springs, Florida bar, a customer whom patrons and employees described as acting “erratic” got unruly enough that he was asked to leave the premises. Rather than departing, the man went to his vehicle, retrieved a machete, and returned to the bar. With the man now armed, his confrontation with a group of bar patrons quickly devolved.

Minutes later, he was chasing one of the patrons around the parking lot in front of the strip mall in which the bar was located. A bystander saw what was happening and drew a concealed handgun, firing four times at the machete wielder and dropping him in the parking lot. The armed bystander set his pistol down and awaited police, who showed up moments later. The man with the machete was dead at the scene. The armed bystander was briefly questioned and released.

SOURCE: WSVN-TV, Miami, Florida, 12/3/18

Used Car Lot Usual Suspect

Early on a Friday evening on the last day of November, a pair of masked men brandishing guns burst into the showroom of a used car dealership in Prospect, Connecticut. Shouting and shoving, they herded the sales staff and management into the back and began tying them up with electrical cords. Between shouted demands, they violently pistol-whipped the employees.

Seeing this, a customer drew a concealed handgun and opened fire on the intruders, causing them to cease their attack and exit the building at a run. Responding officers found that one attacker had gotten away, but the other was lying dead in the parking lot. The deceased robber had a long history of violent crime, with convictions including sexual assault in the first degree and conspiracy to commit murder.

SOURCE: WTNH-TV, New Haven, Connecticut, 12/2/18

Serious as a Heart Attack

In the wake of an attempted burglary at her house, a 74-year-old Leavenworth, Kansas woman purchased a handgun for home protection. She began taking the handgun to bed with her at night and, about a week after buying it, was awakened after midnight by the sound of someone forcing entry into her home.

The woman picked up her phone and .22-caliber handgun, called 911, and left her bedroom to investigate the noise. Still on the phone with the 911 operator, she arrived at the top of the staircase to see a shadowy figure ascending toward her. She fired a single shot that struck the intruder in the head, killing him on the spot. First responders transported the woman to the hospital, since the stress of the incident had caused her to have a heart attack.

SOURCE: The Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Kansas, 11/29/18

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