Used decisively and with determination, even a small pistol can make the difference between being a survivor or a statistic.

“I’m Going To Kill You”

The quiet of a house in Norman, Oklahoma was shattered late on a Saturday night when several masked figures kicked in a door and entered the house with drawn guns. While his wife called 911, the homeowner armed himself and confronted the intruders. Gunfire erupted, with neighbors reporting as many as a dozen shots fired.

Local law enforcement responded in ten minutes to find one of the home invaders lying dead on the ground outside the house and the rest having fled the scene. Neighbors told reporters that one of the masked intruders had announced, “I’m going to kill you” to the homeowner as they barged into his home.

SOURCE: KWTV, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 2/16/16

Turning the Tables

Police in Lockland, Ohio received a 911 call in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon. The caller reported that four men had forced their way into his home, one of them brandishing a knife and threatening to cut his throat if he interfered with their robbery. Instead of meekly complying, the victim produced a handgun and fired once, hitting the knife-wielding intruder, who dropped to the floor.

Police arrived to find the other three men still there and took them into custody for questioning. The suspect with the knife was pronounced dead at the scene. A fifth suspect had fled in the getaway car. Police say the intended victim and the captured suspects were cooperating with the investigation. “He’s a defender, you know, he defends his community. He defends himself, quite naturally,” said a neighbor when interviewed by local media.

SOURCE: WLWT, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2/17/16

No Means No

A Memphis, Tennessee woman reported that her ex-boyfriend had been harassing her in her home all day, banging on the windows and pounding on the doors, demanding to be let inside. Frightened, she called her neighbor in the same duplex to ask if he’d come over to lend her some moral support. He agreed and came over to her side of the duplex.

When the neighbor entered through the front door, the ex-boyfriend tried to force his way through behind him but was unsuccessful. He escalated the beating and kicking on the front and back doors, then broke out a window and reached through to unlock it. At this point, the woman, fearing for her life, fired at him with her 9mm pistol. He fled and was later apprehended by police and charged with burglary.

SOURCE: WHBQ-TV, Memphis, Tennessee, 2/16/16

Carjacker Stopped

A couple were sitting in their Honda Civic at the traffic light on the corner of Northeast 159th Street and 16th Avenue in North Miami Beach, Florida late on a February night when they were approached by four shadowy figures. As one of them approached the driver’s side door in the unfolding carjacking attempt, the driver yelled to her boyfriend in the passenger seat, “He’s got a gun!”

The man in the passenger seat pulled a handgun of his own and fired twice, hitting the assailant. The other three scattered before police arrived to take the wounded would-be carjacker to the hospital, where he awaits felony charges after being released. The suspect is 13 years old.

SOURCE: WSVN, Miami, Florida, 2/23/16

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