Multiple-suspect home invasions are rare, but do sometimes happen.

Subway Shooter

On a Monday morning in early March, a man entered a Subway restaurant in Acworth, Georgia and vaulted the counter, brandishing a gun and demanding money. There were no customers in the dining room, and one of the two employees in the store defended himself by drawing a handgun of his own.

He fired one shot at the robber, who was hit in the chest and staggered back out the doorway and into a waiting vehicle. Police were called and later apprehended the robber when a local medical center reported a white sedan had pulled up and unceremoniously dropped off the wounded suspect, who was treated and arrested.

Police were still looking for accomplices at the time of this writing. The Subway employee was not charged. Local media interviewed several Subway customers, and all interviewees commended the employee.

SOURCE: WAGA-TV, Atlanta, Georgia, 3/14/17

Bad Timing

Working the evening shift at an Arlington, Texas convenience store, the clerk looked up as a pair of men walked through the front door. One of the two was wearing a mask and produced a weapon, and the clerk realized he was being held up. He was alone in the front of the store, as his only coworker had barricaded herself in the cooler.

Drawing his own handgun, the clerk fired on the masked robber, hitting him. The robber fell to the floor, fatally wounded, and when the police arrived, the would-be robber’s gun was found near his body. The second man who had walked in at the same time turned out not to be an accomplice, but rather a customer who had walked in during the stickup due to pure bad luck.

According to police, the clerk’s version of events was corroborated by surveillance video.

SOURCE: The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, 3/6/17

Living Room Intrusion

An Orlando, Florida homeowner was awakened early in the morning by the sound of his dogs barking. Donning a pair of trousers with a pistol in the pocket, he went to investigate the source of the disturbance. Arriving in his living room, he found a strange man standing in the enclosed sunroom facing his back yard. He told the man to leave, but instead the stranger pushed his way past him and into the living room.

When the intruder responded to a second command to leave the premises by running at the homeowner, he feared for his safety and produced the pistol. Firing once, he struck the intruder in the hip. Police arrested the home invader and charged him with Burglary With Assault or Battery. The 65-year-old homeowner was not charged.

SOURCE: WFTV, Orlando, Florida, 3/28/17

Rifle Repulsion

A young woman convinced three acquaintances that the large house set well away from its neighbors on a quiet street in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma would be a good place to burglarize during the day. She’d made a delivery there and knew it was a big house. They went one morning and broke into the detached garage, stealing alcohol. Perhaps it was under its influence that they decided to return later to burglarize the main residence.

Breaking a window and forcing entry, the three invaders were confronted by the homeowner’s son, who had slept through the garage burglary but was now awake and had armed himself with an AR-15. The young man opened fire on the trio and saw two go down and one flee. Barricading himself in his bedroom, the young man called 911. Police arrived and found one dead robber in the driveway and two more in the house. The woman getaway driver had fled but later turned herself in.

SOURCE: Tulsa World, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 3/29/17

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