To begin with, I agree with most of President Trump’s stated positions on the Second Amendment. I say “most,” because one—which on the surface may look like the light at the end of the tunnel—may actually be an oncoming train.

What I’m talking about is national reciprocity for concealed carry permits, and I’m totally against the idea.

Why am I against national concealed carry? To begin with, who knows what the law might entail and what amendments would be added?

“But,” you say, “a concealed carry permit would be just like a driver’s license!” Actually no, it is not.

Driver’s licenses are an interstate compact, or an agreement between states and not covered by Federal law. The exception is a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), which does carry Federal restrictions.

In my home state of Arizona, my concealed weapon permit is currently recognized by 37 states. (On a side note, I have little or no desire to travel to the 13 states that do not acknowledge my rights as a citizen.)

Arizona is a “constitutional carry” state. No permit to carry—either concealed or openly—is necessary. Permits are available that allow an individual to carry a concealed weapon, serve as a prima facie proof of a background check so an NICS check is not necessary when purchasing a firearm, and a few other “bennies.”

But what if a national concealed-carry permit would accept the California model of “need to show cause” to obtain a permit? Also in some locales, owning a jewelry store or carrying cash is enough to show “need,” but saying you want a permit for self-defense is not justified. Such laws place loot before life, and there is no guarantee that a new Federal law would not encompass at least some of them.

In my opinion, dot gov is already too large, and I don’t want their fingers anywhere near my firearms or my God-given right to possess/carry them, and adapting a national permit allows federal control where it doesn’t belong.

Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” Let’s hope he doesn’t add any more putrid water to the swamp with unnecessary laws.

Until next time, stay low and watch your back.

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