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Author believes Chiappa M1-9 is a good choice for home defense, competition, or just plinking.

NEW TAKE ON A CLASSIC: Chiappa Firearms M1-9 Carbine

I was a true country kid in the 1960s and 70s. Almost everyone had a BB and/or pellet rifle and knew how to shoot, and our Dads hunted. Heck, it was not unusual to see long guns hanging in window racks of trucks most of the year. Mass shootings were unheard of. From a young…

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Noveske KX5 flash suppressor takes painful peak off carbine's report from shooter's perspective and sends it downrange, where it belongs. Torrey Pines thermal viewer, ETS clear magazine, and Savvy Sniper sling's adjustment loop are also visible.

GEAR ROUNDUP: New and Noteworthy Accessories

It is not possible to cover everything on the market in great detail, and much of what is on the market simply does not warrant an entire article. The goal of this article is to make the reader aware of some new or newish products that have some merit, and to offer a brief review…

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Switch Rail: Princeton Tec Low-Signature Task Light

People use lights for a variety of reasons. These lights may be in the visual or infrared spectrum, and they may be handheld or, for some, weapon or helmet mounted. For all users, the light needs to be powerful enough to satisfy their mission requirements. This might range from 100 lumens for a handheld pocket-carried…

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Briefing Room: Global War on Terror Ends

The Global War on Terror has ended. The Obama regime has downgraded the war to an “Overseas Contingency Operation.” And Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano recently used the term “man-caused disaster” instead of terrorism, because “… it demonstrates that we want to move away from the politics of fear…” Hallelujah! Safe at last, safe…

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Against All Odds: Staying Fed in the Wilds

I’ve gone for several days without eating in the bush and when you finally get the chance to eat, your stomach has changed. Just about anything you put in it, especially raw meat, causes it to react in strange ways, and you may end up spending a few uncomfortable hours until the digestive process catches up.

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Enemy at the Gate: New Years’ Resolutions For The ATF

So I sez to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, “Look, you know how there are some things even your best friend won’t tell you? Well, I’ll tell you. The truth is, you’re a mess. “You’re like the blubbery, weak-chinned, 450-pound guy in the ‘before’ part of the tabloid ad. You’re the ugly-gut,…

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Pillar Bed That Rifle!: Repeatable Accuracy Every Shot

Over the past 20 years, bedding rifles has developed much like everything else in the gun industry. Most of these bedding techniques have vastly improved the rifle/stock relationship and repeatability in a tactical or precision rifle. When I first had a sniper rifle placed in my hands, it was barely more than a hunting rifle—a…

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Briefing Room: New Firearm Ban On The Horizon

On Monday, 13 September 2004, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994—colloquially known as the Assault Weapon Ban—expired. While responsible owners of firearms cheered the sunset of this nefarious ban, the anti-gun movement swore they would be back, and they are—with a vengeance! Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) recently introduced new anti-gun (read…

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