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Training and Tactics: The Myth of Muscle Memory

There are a lot of hackneyed phrases floating around out there these days. One of them is, if you practice garbage, after 20 years you’ll end up with perfected garbage. The antithesis to this is, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And both have validity. Read More

Long Guns: Smith & Wesson M&P15R In 5.45x39mm With Valdada 1.1-4

I’ve fired a lot of rounds through rifles and carbines chambered for 5.45x39mm. Although I’ve done a good deal of shooting with the AKS-74 and AKSU-74 in Russia, I actually did most of my initial shooting with the round in Brussels, Belgium. A former member of the KGB bodyguard details… Read More

Training and Tactics: The Feint of Heart

The most effective punch in boxing is the feint. It doesn’t cause physical damage, it doesn’t inflict pain, and it doesn’t dump your opponent onto the canvas. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that it leads to confusion in the mind of the other pugilist—and mind control is what wins… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Yassuh, Massah Bloomberg!

We activists have been saying all along that “gun control” is really victim disarmament. I can’t recall our enemies ever addressing that issue directly, but now one of the biggest guns (you’ll pardon the expression) in the anti-gun movement has admitted the truth. And boy, did he admit it in… Read More

Situational Handgun Ready Positions: Another Perspective

Ready gun positions are separated into two broad areas, high and low. Anything at chest level or above is high and those oriented below the sternum are considered low. There are preferred RG positions for stronghold clearing and room combat, and there are those that work best when maneuvering in extremely confined quarters, as well as others most suitable for “tube fighting” scenarios. Read More

LONG GUNS: Trijicon TA01NSN-308 and Century C308

Trijicon ACOG TA01NSN-308 4x32mm mounted on Century C308. Note BUIS atop ACOG.I’ve been a fan of the Trijicon ACOG since I first tried one many years ago. I’m especially fond of the TA31RCO used by the USMC, to the extent that one is on the… Read More

Transferable Skills: Advantage Arms 1911 .22 Conversion Kit

I am an unabashed fan of Advantage Arms (AA) sub-caliber conversion kits and have written two previous reviews on their Glock conversions for S.W.A.T. Magazine. For the money, these kits offer the most bang for the buck (pun intended) of the majority of kits currently on the market. As a… Read More

Get a Grip!: A Complete Guide To Knife Grips

Any time you use a hand-held weapon, the grip you take on that weapon is a major determining factor in how effectively you can use it. If you can’t hold a weapon well, you have little hope of employing it well. Claw grip uses the index finger… Read More