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Firing off hand, K6s proved comfortable and accurate. Smooth double-action trigger press made for good results on the range.

ACE IN THE HOLE: Kimber K6s Revolver

I began my handgun shooting life with a revolver and will doubtless always have a revolver close by, on my hip or in my pocket. The revolver’s good attributes include simplicity, accuracy, power, and fast handling. I have carried a snub-nose .38 Special as a backup handgun for over 35 years. The snub .38 can…

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Takedown!: Hostage Rescue Operations in Multistory Buildings

For units ranging from national anti-terrorist units to local SWAT teams, the need to take down a multistory building may arise. Generally, the type of incident dealt with by a local SWAT team will be more contained and will not likely involve terrorists, but the basic techniques are similar. An office or apartment building of…

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FRONTLINE DEBRIEFS: Hostage Resolution

A hostage situation recently developed in a large metropolitan city. The suspect held the hostage in the typical configuration of a controlling arm around the victim’s neck while positioning himself behind the victim with a large knife pressed against her neck. Field officers responded and positioned themselves about the suspect and victim. While other events…

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Compact kit that fits in a duffle bag or backpack should be carried by all who venture into wilderness areas or on long trips. Most everyday household items can be used and turned into useful gear in a survival situation, including trash bags, CD (to use as a signaling mirror), zip ties, and flashlights.

AGAINST ALL ODDS: Stranded With a Vehicle

If you drive through a remote area, whether the terrain is wooded, desert, mountainous, or flat, think ahead about what could happen if you had a vehicle malfunction such as a flat tire or overheating. Are you prepared if you have to stay out an entire night in your car or truck? The truth is,…

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Popular Spyderco Para 3 is now available with a tough non-reflective Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) blade coating that's bonded to the premium CPM S30V stainless steel blade. It's practical and tactical. Looks great too.

THE CUTTING EDGE: Newest Spyderco Para 3

The Para 3™ is the latest generation of the Spyderco Para Military™ line of folding knives. With the Para 3, Spyderco took the time-proven features and functionality that have made the iconic Para Military™ 2—one of Spyderco’s best-selling knives—and put them into a more compact, all-purpose cutting tool that’s perfect for everyday carry. The Para…

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Street Smarts: One Plus One Equals Trouble

The idea of killing people is not funny. Therefore, please know that I am not giggling while writing this column. OK, maybe a little. Our topic of the moment is the “1+1” rule. This principle reminds us that when searching for bad guys or weapons, there is always one above and beyond what you have…

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Frontline Debriefs: The Active Shooter

In late September and early October there were three separate school shootings within the span of a week. These tragic incidents are not about to go away any time soon and, as a point of fact, they may increase. During the 26 years I spent in the Metropolitan Division of the LAPD, one of its…

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Let’s Hear it for the .40: The Ideal Caliber

Over many years of research, I have learned a few things concerning wound ballistics. Among these truths is that only actual damage counts for anything. The wound potential of a cartridge depends upon the level of penetration of a bullet and the expansion, if any, of the projectile. Larger bullets make bigger holes. Coupled with the constant of adequate penetration, a larger caliber always has more potential to do damage, cause blood loss, and shut down the adversary’s body.

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A good knife is an integral piece of kit, whether in a war zone, the urban jungle, or a quick trip to the corner store.


Photos by Katie and Rebecca Davis The Emerson CQC-8 is not the newest, trendiest piece of gear. And in this day and age when so many people only look at the latest gear, plenty of time-tested tools can be overlooked. This edged tool is a perfect example, as it has long been associated with the…

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Training and Tactics: The Final Chapter

The textbook is not a Bible—it’s a guide. And the reason people pray to a higher being as soon as a gunfight erupts is not because the military manual suggests this strategy. It’s because the textbook always seems to omit the fact that Murphy’s Law manifests itself one nanosecond after the fun starts. Ergo, the…

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