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Slugging it Out: Getting Hits With the 12

Officer Carlos Rodriguez with Beretta 1301 Tactical. The defensive 12-gauge shotgun is unique in the armory for its versatility. The slug, the typically one-ounce hunk of lead that converts the “shot” gun into an “unrifled” bullet launcher, allows the shooter to stretch out the effective range and connect… Read More

Tactical Shotgun Redefined: Magpul SGA Stock and SureFire DSF WeaponLight

Although the shotgun has lost its premier status in law enforcement with the “advent” of the patrol rifle, it hasn’t lost its effectiveness as a defensive tool. A quality pump-action shotgun is generally inexpensive, simple, reliable, versatile and easily customized. Many agencies are transforming their older shotguns into dedicated less-lethal… Read More

Long Guns: A Century of USGI Shotgun Ammo

Vietnam-era XM257 #4 Buckshot and XM162 00 Buckshot loads. Photo: Jeff Moeller & Mike Spradlin When the Winchester Model 97 Riot Gun was issued during the Philippine Insurrection and the Mexican Punitive Expedition, it was supplied with paper case commercial buckshot rounds. During World War I, when… Read More

Shotgun Modifications: From Good to Great

C-Rums modified M2 bolt to allow additional shell to be loaded on top of the carrier, effectively increasing capacity to 9+1. In spending some extended quality time with a Benelli M2/21 inch with the ComforTech stock over the last year, I realized I really liked the potential of… Read More

Blast from the Future: UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun

It is hard to imagine a more maneuverable shotgun than the UTS-15. The design’s innate efficiency is obvious. Doc Holliday used a side-by-side shotgun to help the Earps against the Clanton gang during the gunfight at the OK Corral in 1881. In the intervening 130 years, the… Read More

Cheap or Right: Rethinking The Pump 12

Accepted truth that pump shotgun is most suitable defensive weapon for novices does not stand up to shooting comparison with modern self-loader. The slide-action 12-gauge shotgun is the archetypal American long gun—the everyman’s universal tool that is equally useful harvesting edible game or definitively stopping a fight. The… Read More

Ready to Rumble: Vang Comp Systems Remington 870

Famous 28 holes that make up the Vang Comp Systems barrel porting. Sixty years have passed since the first Remington 870 rolled off the assembly line. In that time, an incredible 10 million have been produced. The popularity is well deserved, due to its durability, ease of operation,… Read More

Long Guns: Mossberg 9200A1 Jungle Gun

The Mossberg 9200A1 Jungle Gun is one of the more interesting shotguns produced over the last 25 years, though it did not really achieve commercial success. The 9200A1’s big claim to fame was that it met very rigorous standards to be designated the first milspec semiautomatic shotgun after passing… Read More