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LONG GUNS: Real Avid Range Tools

A few months ago, I was at the range testing a couple guns for articles and shooting a couple more to stay current with them. During the process, I needed various tools to adjust a scope, mount and re-zero the dial, change the elevation on an AK front sight, and… Read More

LONG GUNS: Trijicon TA01NSN-308 and Century C308

Trijicon ACOG TA01NSN-308 4x32mm mounted on Century C308. Note BUIS atop ACOG.I’ve been a fan of the Trijicon ACOG since I first tried one many years ago. I’m especially fond of the TA31RCO used by the USMC, to the extent that one is on the… Read More

BREAKING IT DOWN Comparing Takedown Long Guns

Variety of takedowns spanning multiple applications and eras were tested. Top to bottom: Ruger 10/22 Takedown, 97 Winchester, Stevens 520, and BCM Recce 9 .300 Pistol. Awhile back, I began working on a mental problem, as shooters are wont to do. What might be the… Read More


Overview from start point of live-fire obstacle course. Center of fire and movement complex is 40-foot tower. Advance is all uphill. Course is peppered with obstacles plus manmade and natural cover.Hill fighting in Vietnam, especially for the majority of us “flatlanders,” was among the toughest… Read More

PLATE RACK IN A BUCKET MGM Targets Steel Challenge Plate Rack

MGM Steel Challenge Plate Rack comes packed in a sturdy reusable steel bucket that contains six targets, six hooks, and two beam hangers.Shooting on steel targets has advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages are instant feedback (if you hear the ding, you hit the thing)… Read More

LONG GUNS: Countersniper Versus Sniper

Snipers from Lithuanian CT unit ARAS, armed with PGM UR in a countersniper position. Photo: ARAS My title for this column is purposely somewhat ambiguous. Countersniper Versus Sniper could be interpreted as sniper battling sniper, but it could also be interpreted as countersniper as differentiated… Read More

The God Squad: Protecting Houses of Worship

Americans are fast learning that churches are particularly vulnerable to the actions of murderous criminal actors. Motivations vary and include robbery, domestic spillover, personal conflict, mental illness, political differences, and religious bias. Read More

GUNS, NOT DRUGS: Inexpensive Shooting Solutions

I read a meme recently that said something like, “Teach your kids to shoot and they won’t have money for drugs.” We can all laugh at that because there’s a bit of truth to it. Guns are expensive. Ammo’s expensive. And let’s not forget about everything else we’re spending money… Read More