Defensive Carry

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The Weaver Stance: Combating the Misinformation

The Weaver stance is well-known, acknowledged as revolutionary, and quick to draw sidelong glances from more than a few people on the firing line lately. In fact, a surefire way to start a heated argument is to debate the merits of the Weaver versus the “Isosceles” or other shooting positions. Read More

Stop Blaming the Trigger: Negligent Discharges

Sometimes, it is necessary to sit back and take a long, slow look at the world. And rant. Let’s qualify some issues. Firearms, of and by themselves, are harmless. They require human interaction in order to function. In order for a human to properly discharge a firearm, it must… Read More

In the Gravest Extreme: One-Handed Gun Manipulation

In firearms training and practice, a danger exists of doing all manipulations with the idea that the extremities are all working, because at the range they are. But in an actual defensive encounter, one limb might become inoperable before the fight is over. Although the chance of this is… Read More

Hideouts in High Gear: Running Back-Up Guns At Speed

How do .38 and .380 hideout guns stack up against a full-size service pistol up close and fast? We put them to the test. In a previous issue, we looked at just how far the back-up gun, or BUG, could reasonably hit from realistic positions (HUNDRED-YARD… Read More

Invisibly Armed: Concealed Carry Tactics

Carrying concealed can be broken down into high profile and low profile. In high profile, you might mask the sight of the weapon, but everyone knows you’re carrying. In low profile, the physical features of the firearm are obscured to the deepest cover. In the latter condition, you are not only trying to conceal the presence of a firearm, but the evidence you were carrying in the first place. Read More

Piston-Driven Perfection: LWRC M6 IC Limited Edition

LWRC is a recognized industry leader in the development and manufacture of short-stroke piston-operated AR rifles. In fact, LWRC’s entire raison d’être is the short-stroke piston AR and the improvement it offers over the original AR gas-impingement design. Read More

Why a Weapon-Mounted Light: Illuminating the Reasons

During daylight—when 99.9% of training is conducted—targets are pretty easy to see. And identification is easy, as you are most often shooting at the same target you have been shooting at for however long you have been shooting. Discriminating between shoots and no shoots isn’t normally your problem on the square range because the rangemaster will tell you who to shoot, when to shoot, and how many times to shoot. Read More

Small Solutions: Making The Most Of Pocket Guns

An ever-increasing number of lawful citizens are arming themselves with small revolvers and pocket pistols. With this in mind, Gunsite recently ran a two-day course called “Pocket Guns and Penlights” designed around a product seminar sponsored by XS Sight Systems. My Dad, Denny Hansen, and I were invited to attend. Read More

The Rule of Two: Backup, Backup, Backup

At first glance, being armed with a loaded pistol seems adequate for most situations. If you make the gun a Glock 17, you have 18 tries to stop an armed assailant. If you carry a gun, a quality light should always be with you. I habitually carry a Surefire E2 Executive, even in my briefcase on an airplane. Read More