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Tree Treats: Free Food From The Forest

Not all birch bark is white, but it all peels readily and contains good food. This mountain white birch grows in North Carolina. Other species grow coast to coast. Photo: Mason Brock, via Wikipedia When we consider our forebears’ traditional harvest resources, we see that common trees are… Read More

Food on the Run: Making Use Of Nature’s Market

Teddy Roosevelt advised, “Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are.” Excellent advice when foraging food in a survival situation, because the real life hunter-gatherer has always been more of a gatherer-hunter—it’s just that the hunting and fishing part is more fun. Some aboriginal Americans… Read More

Against All Odds: Staying Fed in the Wilds

I’ve gone for several days without eating in the bush and when you finally get the chance to eat, your stomach has changed. Just about anything you put in it, especially raw meat, causes it to react in strange ways, and you may end up spending a few uncomfortable hours until the digestive process catches up. Read More