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FRONTLINE DEBRIEFS: Millennials in Law Enforcement

I entered the LAPD in 1976. During this epoch, the prevailing philosophy was, “If it happened to me, it will most definitely happen to you.” To clarify: If others had been treated like @#*%, then quite logically, you were going to be treated like @#*%! Fair enough. This meant you… Read More

ENEMY AT THE GATE: Battle Over 3-D Printed Guns Heats Up

In 2013, Cody Wilson shocked the world (particularly the gun-ban zealots) when he introduced the “Liberator,” the world’s first firearm to be produced entirely on a consumer-grade 3-D printer. A very rudimentary weapon constructed of plastic, the pistol is single shot, fires the relatively low-powered .380 APC cartridge, and even… Read More

BRIEFING ROOM: Open-Carry Win?

There is not a more far-left court in the land than the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals based out of San Francisco, California. For that reason it came as a shock when a three-judge panel, by a two-to-one margin, recently voted to affirm that the Second Amendment allows the open… Read More

AGAINST ALL ODDS: From Trash to Survival Gear

Twitch-up trap keeps tabs under tension while attached noose stays ready to snare an animal. It uses power of a bent sapling, held by the tabs and one wooden stake in the ground. No matter where we go in the wilderness, trash is strewn across… Read More

BRIEFING ROOM Dangerous Trends

Lately I have seen some dangerous trends developing. The first is not maintaining control of your firearm, and the second is carrying a pistol with an empty chamber. Let’s address the latter first. Rule 1 states, “All guns are always loaded.” I like training on a “hot” range, where everyone’s… Read More

ENEMY AT THE GATE “Smart Guns” Still Dumb

The newest push to replace reliably useful guns with so-called “smart guns” came in June, courtesy of U.S. Representative Jim Himes (D-CT). Himes’ H.R. 6109, the “Start Advancing Firearms Enhancements and Technology (SAFETY)” Act of 2018 would provide significant tax relief for gun manufacturers’ efforts to design, produce, and market… Read More


Brett, my wife, is a saint. Anyone who knows us comprehends what she has to put up with. My mother viewed her as saintly simply due to the fact that, as sophisticated and well educated as she is, through some obtuse rationale, she saw fit to associate with me. She’s… Read More

GOOD GUYS WIN! Second Amendment in Action

Third Time’s the Harm After midnight on a Friday in July, a would-be burglar attempted to force his way into two homes in the Bay Area city of Richmond, California. He succeeded in breaking a window and gaining entry into the third home he tried. The sound of breaking glass… Read More

STREET SMARTS Ten Major Tactical Mistakes

Want a quick and easy read that doesn’t tax your brainpower with monotonous things like storyline, plot development, and resolution? Here’s our quick-n-dirty guide to ten major tactical mistakes that too many people make … yes, maybe even you. 1. They don’t carry a gun. This is actually a bit… Read More

STREET SMARTS Active Shooters Are Changing—You Should Too!

Are you a man? Have you had a major stress event in the past five years? Do you have an aggressive, self-centered nature? Have you made threatening communications and caused concern from others regarding your intentions? If so, please report to the nearest police station or mental health facility because… Read More