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Offbeat: Vang Comp Detachable Side Ammunition Carrier

Very few people know more about the workings of a combat shotgun than Hans Vang, the proprietor of Vang Comp Systems, Inc., so it was no surprise to me that he has come up with another “Why didn’t I think of that?” idea. Master Gunsmith John Buckley… Read More

Magazine Mathematics: When Are 30 Rounds 10 Too Many?

The 30-round magazine has been with us for the majority of the M16 series’ service. The original 20-round magazines nearly disappeared for awhile, seeing use in only a few niche areas such as high-power service rifle competition and with a handful of proponents. There are, however, some instances where… Read More

The Cutting Edge: TOPS Knives MIL-SPIE

Very high-quality, custom-made knifes are excellent examples of craftsmanship and, often, design. However, they are generally expensive. That is a problem for military personnel or street cops who need a knife that can stand up to hard usage but will not require a title loan to replace if it gets… Read More

The Cutting Edge: Spyderco Warrior

Throughout history, certain weapons have risen beyond the status of simple tools of war to become true icons—instantly recognizable symbols of the people who wielded them. In the realm of edged weapons, knives such as the Fairbairn-Sykes dagger, the Nepalese kukri, and the venerable Ka-Bar immediately come to mind. Read More

Offbeat: EAG Dump Pouch

Less than ten years ago, the dump pouch was seldom seen outside a few small communities of users. But with the onset of regular combat in 2003, the utility of a non-dedicated pouch was quickly recognized and spread throughout the combat arms professions. Empty M249 SAW pouches, NOD pouches,… Read More

Lawful Carry: Tuff Products Pock-A-Roo Holsters

Many officers and private citizens choose to carry a five-shot, .38/.357 Snubbie as their primary handgun, off duty or as a back-up gun (BUG). While I normally prefer to carry a larger handgun in a more formidable caliber, there have been occasions when an event has dictated I change… Read More

Offbeat: RAT Fire Kit

The milspec green anodized aluminum capsule measures one inch in diameter and is 4.25 inches long. The unit weighs 2.5 ounces, which is a little heavier than most fire starters, but has the added advantage of a waterproof tinder container. Read More

Against All Odds: A.R.S. Dog Tag Survival Knife

Escape and Evasion (E&E) is probably one of the oldest survival skills known to man. In fact, it would be safe to say that as long as man has inhabited the Earth, there have been other men trying to shackle and hold him prisoner for some reason. Due to this,… Read More

Lawful Carry: Field Holsters

It is not always practical to carry the same type of holster on and off duty. For example, if I am out hunting, there is no need to wear a Level Three security rig. For such occasions, a field holster is a little more to my liking. One holster… Read More