September 2008

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Against All Odds: Remote First Aid

Small bleeders are typically easy to control by direct pressure and by using dressings such as sterile gauze pads, Band-Aids, steri-strips, or by taping the wound closed with simple duct tape. Rarely should you attempt to sew a wound closed. Serious bleeding should be controlled by direct pressure and pressure dressings.

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Medic Up: Realistic Sensory Overload Training

"Medic Up!" The dreaded call comes over the sound of explosions and gunfire. I hurry through a smoky room, headed in the direction from which the call came. As I step through the doorway, a hand seizes the back of my collar, thrusting me to the floor. "They're shooting through here!" an operator yells. "Low crawl across!"

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Witness Pistol Goes Polymer

One of the first pistols I reviewed when I began writing for S.W.A.T.—but was still a working street cop—was a Witness pistol from European American Armory (EAA) chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. I liked it a lot, carrying it and shooting it often.

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Jammin’ Mags: Proper Care and Feeding of Magazines

As the years go rapidly by, I sometimes reflect on why people do the things they do. I don’t mean things like breathing, eating and procreating, but chores like loading magazines. Specifically M4-type magazines. Right now, commonly used M4 magazines are made of aluminum (issue magazines and their clones), steel (the HK mags) or polymer…

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