June 2019

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THE GET OUTTA DODGE TRUCK: Loaded for Survival

The truck before … The phrase “Get Outta Dodge” (G.O.D.) originated in Dodge City, Kansas, during the wild days of the 1870s. The Santa Fe Trail gave way to buffalo hunters, then to cattle drives, all of which led to lots of lawlessness. Marshals… Read More


During the first ten years of my military career—starting just in time for the first Gulf War in 1991—if you wanted to increase ammunition capacity or enhance your M16A2’s magazines in any way, you basically only had the same options as the very first soldiers who… Read More

LONG GUNS: Mossberg 590A1 Retro Combat Shotgun

Thompson became fascinated by trench shotguns with the Winchester Model 97 Trench Gun, and that has carried over to liking the Mossberg 590A1 Retro. Photo courtesy Rock Island Auction Service I remember buying my first trench shotgun, a Winchester Model 97. A local gun… Read More

RUGER GP100 MATCH CHAMPION 10mm: A Long Time Coming

GP100 Match Champion 10mm. Well done, Ruger! Every once in a while, someone brings a really good idea to fruition. Ruger has done exactly that with their GP100 Match Champion 10mm. Finally a medium-frame six-gun chambering six major caliber rounds! This idea isn’t new… Read More

SHOTGUN SAVVY: The Perfect Survival Gun?

A shotgun is a great multi-purpose weapon. The amount and variety of firearms available today is staggering. Some are designed for specific uses. When choosing a firearm to fill multiple roles, you often find that only one type of firearm will work for one… Read More


CRKT Provoke features patent-pending Kinematic forward opening blade that allows for safe carry and rapid deployment without changing your grip on the handle. Blade’s conveyance path does not cross any part of your hand with typical use. The karambit has become a very popular… Read More

.300 AAC BLACKOUT: Necessary or Niche?

Colt with .300 upper, Leupold scope, and Gemtech One suppressor. Articles have been written on the .300 AAC Blackout (BLK) that give the history and purpose of the cartridge. I decided to put one together to see how it performed suppressed. I had some… Read More

OFFBEAT: ETS Magazines

In addition to its AR mags, ETS offers MP5, Glock, SIG P320 and S&W M&P mags. Elite Tactical Systems Group (ETS®) magazines have developed an excellent reputation for delivering reliable performance. The company’s AR, MP5, and Glock mags, and new for 2019 SIG Sauer… Read More