June 2012

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The Day After Yesterday: Surviving the First Day of a Disaster

I started storing food, fuel and water in 1981. When I transferred into Fairbanks, Alaska from the “bush,” one of my first stops was the grocery store. I was amazed to find the shelves were bare. There was a trucker strike, and no goods were being delivered. It was a real eye-opener. Lots of folks…

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Raising Havoc: Spike’s Tactical 37mm Launcher

Spike’s Tactical 9″ Side-Loading Havoc Launcher and Kaos Side-Folding Stock System equipped with L-3 EOTech EXPS3, Specter Gear MOUT sling, and CAA PBSS sling swivel, along with Pace XD 37mm round. The 37mm smoothbore launcher is a multi-use platform with both civilian and law enforcement applications, and in fact is one of the most prevalent…

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Long Guns: Mossberg 9200A1 Jungle Gun

The Mossberg 9200A1 Jungle Gun is one of the more interesting shotguns produced over the last 25 years, though it did not really achieve commercial success. The 9200A1’s big claim to fame was that it met very rigorous standards to be designated the first milspec semiautomatic shotgun after passing a series of tests and meeting…

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Battle Rifle Realized: LaRue Tactical PredatAR

One of the significant trends in the current Afghanistan fight is the troops’ increasing use of semiautomatic 7.62mm NATO rifles. Most units have gone to some type of AR- or M14-based system and have largely replaced the 7.62mm bolt guns for all but stationary work. On a recent tour, I saw widespread use and appreciation…

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