December 2013

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Distance Shooting: Myth of the Average Engagement

It’s a given that the average pistol engagement takes place at close range. And there are many who base their decision on the distances to conduct their training at by referring to that average. It is a poor decision. While the number of civilians who actually fire their gun at another human being is open…

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Arms Through the Ages: Military Arms in the Hands of Citizens

While the history of mankind is characterized by war and conflict, that history is often driven by technology. Starting when that hypothetical early soldier tied a sharp rock to the end of a stick and made himself a spear, man has tried to produce weapons superior in effect and efficiency to those of his enemies. While the current public discourse on “assault weapons” incites frenetic opinions on both ends of the political spectrum, what seems to be lost is simply how tired the argument itself has become. The scariest full-auto polymer “assault rifle” of today will be ancient history a century from now.

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Training and Tactics: Knock, Knock

Home invasion. Two simple words that conjure up visions of violence, violation—and the concepts of preparation to prevent being the victim of this act. There are three major aspects to consider as regards this potential situation: (1) the basic “My car broke down, could I use your phone?” garden-variety slugs, (2) law enforcement impersonators, and…

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