December 2007

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Storm Mountain Carbine II: Mindset, Instruction and Gear

What, you say, “another training article?” (But isn’t that why you read S.W.A.T. in the first place?) This article strives to cover not only the training received, but also the weapons and gear that I put to the test, and my theories on training and equipment. The setting: Storm Mountain Training Center, Elk Garden, West…

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Bad Habits: One Trainer’s Opinion

Back in the mid-1970s, the United States had a mandatory top speed limit of 55 miles-per-hour (mph). Since that time, we've learned a few things about improving highway safety and the safety of our vehicles and, of course, we've dramatically improved the efficiency and cleanliness of the internal combustion engine. A lot of things have changed since that time in the world of firearms and tactical training as well.

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SIG’s P-220 Combat: Joint Combat Pistol Entry

SIGARMS already has some real advantages in offering a handgun that meets the specifications for the Joint Combat Pistol (JCP). First, Naval Special Warfare personnel are already familiar with the P-226, since it has been used quite a bit by the SEALs. Other military personnel are familiar with the SIG P-228—military designation M11—since it has been issued on a limited basis as well.

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