Over the years I have written articles on go bags for active shooter scenarios. While most of the bags were very good pieces of gear, some of them would have been better off if they had made the bag, vest or chest rig smaller. Let me explain.

Back of rig has pocket for two armor panels.

One of my biggest fears as a parent is hearing about another school shooting. If there is an active shooter at a school, SWAT may be called out, however, by the time they get there, the incident may be over. The beat cop who’s two blocks away when shots ring out is the one who will get the call. While a war bag filled with everything under the sun may be great for things like a riot or long call-outs, an active shooter scenario in a school requires only a long gun and some spare ammunition. An officer needs to move very quickly and not be weighed down with water bottles, first aid kits and all the other stuff we seem to think we need—which brings me to the focus of this month’s column.

Front of Go Time Chest Rig.

Recently S.W.A.T. received the Go Time Chest Rig from Shellback Tactical. As I examined the rig in detail, I came to appreciate the efficiency of its design and purpose.

AR magazine pouches have shock cords for retention of the magazines, with pull-tabs for quick access to the spare mags.

The rig is available in either black or OD green, and is made from durable, water-resistant 1000-denier Cordura nylon.

The right side of the Go Time Chest Rig has two pistol mag pouches for double stacked mags and features hook and loop flap closures. The left side has two pouches for AR-size magazines. The AR pouches have shock cords for retention of the magazines, with pull-tabs for quick access to the spare mags.

The back of the Go Time Chest Rig has a pocket that opens from the top and allows two different size soft armor panels. While the patrol officer will—or should—be wearing a vest, this allows extra protection. Because a plainclothes officer may also be responding, a hook and loop identifier strip is located on the front of the rig to help ID yourself as one of the good guys.

There is a one-inch padded, adjustable neck strap with quick-detach buckles on each side. Attached to the bottom of the Go Time Chest Rig is a fully adjustable, two-inch wide waist strap with a quick-detach buckle.

While this rig was developed with the patrol officer in mind, it would also work well for homeowners. If you suspect an intruder is in your home the best course of action is to call 911 and stay put until the cavalry arrives, however, if your children are screaming about a man in the bedroom, it really is “go time.” This rig allows a person to have two AR mags, a spare pistol magazine and a light available in one easy to grab package. And once you’ve grabbed it, how much do you have to carry? Nothing! Just put it on and you’re good to go, hands free.

The Go Time Chest Rig is a very good idea for beat cops and homeowners. If it ever becomes necessary, the rig will allow you to run, jump, fight and pull kids to safety.


Tactical Assault Gear
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