Get practice in non-static shooting, such as in this FPF Training class with John Murphy.
Get practice in non-static shooting, such as in this FPF Training class with John Murphy.

Running Gunfight

When an armed man forced his way into a St. Louis home at 9:30 on a Wednesday night, he attempted to gain compliance through a display of violence, callously shooting one of the five occupants in the back. But instead of complying, another occupant retrieved a pistol of his own and opened fire on the intruder. Facing unexpected resistance, the would-be robber fled, firing as he retreated.

Seeing the robber shooting back at the dwelling he had just left, a bystander on the street came to the aid of the victims by drawing a handgun of his own and firing at the robber’s getaway vehicle. The fleeing robber fired at the bystander as well. An APB was put out for the robber, who was arrested some five miles away. Upon his apprehension, it was discovered he had been hit by his intended victim’s gunfire.

SOURCE: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, Missouri, 4/5/18

Church Defender

A 27-year-old offender burst into the Church of Christ on Chicago’s west side and announced a holdup, brandishing a pistol to cow the Wednesday night parishioners. But the church had the foresight to have acting as a guard an Illinois CCW permit holder, who drew and engaged the intruder.

The pair opened fire on each other, but the offender was no match for his intended victim. Hit multiple times in the chest by the 57-year-old church guardian, the robber was transported to the hospital in critical condition. The defender received a minor bullet wound to the arm, from which he is expected to make a full and complete recovery.

SOURCE: WGN-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 3/28/18

Not the Police

Having sat as hostages in their own home for an hour during a terrifying takeover-style home-invasion robbery in February, the rural Michigan couple had taken steps to prevent another such incident from happening. When they were awakened after midnight by a knock on the door claiming to be the police, those steps were put to the test. Noticing that one of the “police” was wearing a hoodie, the couple didn’t let them in, whereupon they began kicking at the new steel security door.

After the kicking had gone on for minutes, one of the shadowy figures on the porch picked up a heavy planter and heaved it through a window. Fearing for her life at that point, the woman fired three shots through the broken window at the intruders, who piled into a getaway car and sped off. One of the intruders had been hit, and the woman identified him in a lineup as one of the home invaders from the previous month. Police believe the residence was targeted because it is a licensed medical marijuana growing operation.

SOURCE: The Daily Telegram, Adrian, Michigan, 3/29/18

Monday Morning Blues

Sitting in his car in the pre-dawn darkness of a Monday morning, the Milwaukee man was waiting for the machine shop where he worked to open. An SUV pulled in behind his car, and one of its occupants emerged with a gun. Walking up to the driver’s side of the parked car, the gunman ordered the driver out of his vehicle.

Instead, the driver pulled out his own handgun and shot the would-be carjacker multiple times. The carjacker collapsed, fatally wounded, and the SUV sped off. The driver, a concealed carry permit holder, was ruled to have acted in self-defense and did not face any charges over the incident. His deceased 21-year-old attacker was found to have multiple previous convictions, including felony battery and burglary.

SOURCE: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2/26/18

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