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A quiet Sunday morning backyard brunch in suburban Tuscaloosa, Alabama was interrupted when the homeowner and his wife found themselves accosted on their own patio by a machete-wielding intruder who demanded money and valuables. A scuffle broke out as the man tried to defend himself against the masked interloper, while his wife ran to a neighboring residence to dial 911.

It wasn’t until he’d fought his way to his firearm that the homeowner was able to subdue the invader and hold him at gunpoint until the police arrived. The invader was arrested and charged.

Source: WIAT-TV, Birmingham, AL, 4/14/2014


A 28-year-old USMC veteran was eating lunch in a sandwich shop in a Houston, Texas strip mall when he saw two men in the parking lot mask their faces with bandannas, don hoodies on the hot late May day, and enter the video-game store next door to the restaurant. The Marine, fearing a robbery, yelled for someone to call 911 and went out to his truck to get his own pistol. When he did, the armed suspects emerged from the game store and aimed their pistols at him. Fearing for his safety, the veteran opened fire.

One suspect was killed in the exchange of shots, while the other fled and was captured after a police manhunt that caused a lockdown at several local schools.

Source: KPRC-TV, Houston, TX, 5/29/14


Early one Wednesday morning in June, the residents of a house in the Mantua neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were awakened by the sound of an intruder. The man, armed with a knife, had already entered the house once via a backyard window and made off with valuables. Now he’d come back for a second helping. This time he met resistance.

Hearing the sound of one of his roommates struggling with the invader, a resident retrieved a firearm and warned the burglar to surrender. When he didn’t, the resident fired three times, critically wounding the intruder, who faces multiple charges upon release from the hospital. No charges will be filed against the defender.

Source: WTXF-TV, Philadelphia, PA, 6/4/14


When a man in a rural home near Orosi, California heard a disturbance at the front door of the house, he was startled to find it was two armed men forcing entry. The 22-year-old, worried for the safety of his younger siblings, ages 18, 11, and 8, retrieved a handgun from a safe and engaged the intruders in a shootout.

Although wounded multiple times himself, the young man successfully defended his home and family, killing one intruder and driving the other off. The second suspect, seriously wounded, was dropped off at a local hospital by accomplices and faces charges.

Source: The Fresno Bee, Fresno, CA, 5/27/14

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