“I wish it were harder to see and I had less ammunition.” Said no one ever.

A Bad Day Off

Since he had a weekday off, the Clearwater, Florida man decided to sleep in Thursday morning. His extra slumber was disturbed around 9:30AM by noises that he ignored at first, assuming they were caused by nearby construction. But it didn’t take long for him to realize the noises were actually coming from someone trying to break into his house.

Pulling on clothes and retrieving a handgun, he went to investigate. The noises led him to the closed door of the attached garage. Throwing the door open revealed that the intruder had broken out a window, climbed through it, clambered over the washer and dryer that were under the window, and was now standing in the garage. The homeowner opened fire, striking the burglar, who remained in critical condition at the time of this writing. Police say the wounded intruder had a lengthy criminal record.

SOURCE: Bay News 9, St. Petersburg, Florida, 11/30/17

Pepperoni, Mushrooms, and Ambush

It was late on a Thursday night when a pizza delivery driver pulled up to drop off some pies in a south St. Louis, Missouri neighborhood. Heading up the walk, he ran into an ambush, as two armed men stepped out and demanded his money. One of them struck him in the head with a pistol. When the driver turned and tried to run back to his vehicle, the robbers began shooting at him.

Fearing for his life, the pizza driver drew his own pistol and returned fire, striking one of the robbers. The driver then jumped into his car and fled back to the pizza restaurant, where he called police to report the incident. He turned his handgun over to responding officers and, when police reached the location of the shooting, one of the stickup men was found dead at the scene. The driver is cooperating in the investigation.

SOURCE: KTVI, St. Louis, Missouri, 12/1/17

A Rude Awakening

In the pre-dawn darkness of a Sunday morning, a man and woman in St. Louisville, Ohio were awakened by an armed man pointing a gun at them in their bed. The gunman ordered them to get up and precede him out of the house. The couple recognized the intruder as a man the woman had been in a relationship with that had ended with domestic violence complaints being filed. He had let himself into the house through an unlocked door.

The homeowner asked the gunman to please let him at least pull on pants before leaving and, when permission was granted, instead of pants, he retrieved a gun from the closet and fired at the intruder. Wounded, the intruder turned his gun toward the woman. The homeowner fired again, striking the intruder multiple times with fatal results.

SOURCE: Newark Advocate, Newark, Ohio, 11/27/17

Defending His Family

A Houston, Texas homeowner was in his driveway in front of his garage late one Friday night in November, listening to music on his phone, when he felt the chilling pressure of a gun barrel against the back of his head. He had been selected for robbery by a group of four juvenile attackers, who shoved him toward the front door of his house, demanding he let them in.

Fearing not only for his own safety but also that of his wife and daughter in the house, he gripped the pistol concealed in the front pocket of his hoodie and spun around. Knocking the holdup man’s gun to the side, he drew his own and fired, hitting the gunman and sending his accomplices fleeing. Two of the juveniles were apprehended by police after being stopped by a security guard, and the wounded suspect was also taken into custody. The homeowner, a USMC veteran, will not face any charges.

SOURCE: KTRK-TV, Houston, Texas, 11/25/17

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