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Wrong Turn in Albuquerque

The clerk in an Albuquerque convenience store was nervous. A customer had told her he’d just been in an armed robbery at the 7-Eleven down the street and that the robber had gotten away. This is when her Monday evening took a turn for the worse.

Sure enough, a man burst in the door and made a beeline for the register, pointing a gun at her and screaming threats. But thanks to the warning from the earlier customer, she had already gone to her car and retrieved her firearm, which she now pulled from her pocket and fired at the robber, striking him. The would-be robber fled back out the door and collapsed in the parking lot, where he was found by responding officers.

SOURCE: KRQE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 9/19/17

In Broad Daylight

It was almost lunchtime on a sunny October Thursday as the tow truck driver pulled up to the auto repair shop. The street was busy with traffic and small children played on the sidewalk next door as he unloaded his flatbed. As he was doing so, he was approached by a man who produced a gun and demanded his wallet. The tow truck driver began to comply, but as soon as he saw an opening, he turned the tables on the holdup artist.

Drawing his own weapon, he opened fire on the robber, striking him multiple times. As the robber crumpled, the tow truck driver ran for the auto repair shop, yelling for the mechanic to dial 911. Police arrived to find the assailant lying under the tow truck, with his dropped handgun and the driver’s wallet next to his body.

SOURCE: The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee, 10/12/17

Carjacking Complication

Early on a Wednesday morning, a woman in the parking lot of a Fort Worth, Texas convenience store was approached by a gunman who demanded the keys to her SUV. She handed them over as her two small children scrambled out of the back seat. The mother and her children headed for the safety of the store, pursued by the carjacker, who had had difficulty with the ignition key.

As the gunman attempted to follow them into the store, a clerk drew a firearm and intervened, exchanging shots with the carjacker, who fled back to the SUV. Managing to start it on his second try, the now-wounded carjacker sped off and was apprehended by police following a vehicular pursuit that ended with the carjacker wrecking the stolen vehicle.

SOURCE: KDFW, Dallas, Texas, 10/26/17

When Shoplifting Turns Deadly

Police were called to a Knightdale, North Carolina Walmart to arrest a man suspected of stealing ten bras from the lingerie department. As they arrived, they wound up in a foot pursuit of the suspect, who fled into a nearby office building. Surveillance video from the office building showed him slamming repeatedly against the door of a locked office suite with enough force that plaster dust fell from the ceiling before the door gave way and he burst inside.

The lone occupant of the locked suite, a 53-year-old CPA, had heard the slamming and, unable to connect with a 911 operator, had drawn her revolver and taken cover in her office doorway. When the man burst into the suite, he advanced on her, ignoring her pleas to stop. She fired once, striking the intruder in the neck. He collapsed and was taken into custody by responding officers. The District Attorney confirmed the accountant acted in self-defense and would face no charges.

SOURCE: WRAL-TV, Raleigh, North Carolina, 10/23/17

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