If your gun winds up in an evidence locker, a spare that uses the same holsters, ammo, and magazines may be a lifesaver.

It Was a Scream

A robber wearing all-black clothing and a mask styled after the one worn by the killer in the movie Scream burst into a laundromat in Camden, South Carolina. The masked figure threatened the 80-year-old owner with a pistol, demanding cash. The octogenarian great-grandfather indicated the laundromat’s cash box, which the robber picked up and headed out the door.

The owner followed the robber, pulling out his own handgun, a small .25-caliber pistol, which he discharged once into the air. Startled at the sound of the shot, the robber dropped the cash box and piled into a getaway vehicle, which sped away from the scene of the crime.

SOURCE: WLTX, Columbia, South Carolina, 7/16/16

Hunting Knife Nightmare

A Buffalo Grove, Illinois teenager and his friend were playing video games late on an August night when they saw the air conditioner pop out of the room’s window. A man with a bandana tied around his face forced his head through the opening, waved a large hunting knife at the pair, then ran around the house to the front door, kicking it open and bursting inside.

A confused melee followed, during which the 46-year-old homeowner, his teenage son, his son’s friend, and the family’s German Shepherd dog were all stabbed by the invader. The homeowner was able to retrieve his semiautomatic handgun from a safe and open fire, causing the intruder to flee. The intruder was uninjured and captured by police at a nearby convenience store. The teens were treated and released, while the homeowner and his dog were hospitalized with serious injuries, but were expected to recover.

SOURCE: WLS-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 8/11/16

Crowbar vs. Pistol

A Phoenix, Arizona man awakened in the wee hours of a July morning to find a crowbar-armed intruder in his house. The man had apparently forced entry through a sliding door that had been damaged in a previous burglary. Grabbing a firearm, the homeowner confronted the intruder.

In the ensuing chase and subsequent scuffle, the homeowner shot the intruder in the leg and held the wounded suspect for police. The intruder was transported to a hospital with a non-life-threatening injury. The homeowner was questioned and released by police.

SOURCE: KTVK, Phoenix, Arizona, 7/11/16

Pushing His Luck

On a Sunday night in late June, an armed robber entered a Domino’s Pizza restaurant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Taking the staff at gunpoint, the robber grabbed the cash and exited the building into the parking lot. While the employees were calling police, the robber noticed a Domino’s driver pull into the lot. Figuring to double his take, the robber advanced on the pizza delivery driver.

The robbery call then became a shots-fired call, as police rolled into the lot to find that the delivery driver had pulled a handgun of his own and opened fire on the robber, who collapsed in the parking lot with a gunshot wound to the leg. The robber was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, facing charges of armed robbery and attempted armed robbery.

SOURCE: Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 6/29/16

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