Cold climes present wintertime CCW challenges. Outer breast pocket of this coat will hold a holstered J-Frame and is accessible while driving.

Second Time’s the Charm

On a Tuesday evening in a San Antonio, Texas Dollar General store, a man shopping in the rear of the store noticed customers surging toward him and away from the front of the store. Peeking around a display up an aisle toward the cash registers, he saw a man holding a gun on one of the cashiers. The shopper drew his own pistol and, waiting until he had a clear shot, fired once. Though he missed, the robber fled out the front door, stolen cash fluttering in his wake.

A week later, a man eating dinner at a Popeye’s restaurant in the same city had his meal interrupted when a masked robber burst into the dining area, waving a gun and pointing it at employees and patrons while demanding cash. As soon as he had an opportunity, the diner drew his own handgun and opened fire on the robber, killing him. Detectives later determined that the robber was the same one who had fled the Dollar General the previous Tuesday.

SOURCE: San Antonio Express-News, San Antonio, Texas, 12/13/17

Three Versus One

Just before 0900 on the last Friday of 2017, the usual morning routine at an Akron, Ohio pharmacy was disrupted by three men wearing masks and dark-colored clothing bursting through the door. They shouted “Don’t move!” to the employees as two of the men pulled out empty plastic bags from their pockets and vaulted the counter, intending to fill the bags with loot.

The pharmacist, fearing for the safety of himself and his staff, drew a 9mm pistol and fired at the trio of robbers, who beat a hasty retreat to their getaway car. Minutes later, one of the robbery crew was arrested when he was dropped off at a local emergency room with gunshot wounds in his arm and side. Police were still looking for his accomplices at the time of this writing.

SOURCE: Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio, 12/29/17

Repeat Robbery

The 7-Eleven convenience store in Oak Park, Illinois, adjacent to Chicago, couldn’t seem to catch a break. The week before, it had been held up by a gunman who pulled a pistol on the clerks and demanded they empty their tills into a bag. Now, just before midnight on an early December Monday, three masked men stormed into the store, brandishing a handgun and announcing a holdup.

But this time, one of the clerks on duty had a license to carry and a pistol of his own. Drawing on the would-be robbers, he opened fire. One robber was struck by the clerk’s fire and collapsed in the store, while the other two made their getaway out the front door. The critically injured robber was still lying there when police arrived, and was transported to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Illinois, 12/12/17

Victim Disarmament Zone No More

Not very long ago, an armed robber could ply his criminal trade on the streets of Chicago without fear of armed resistance. But on Christmas Eve, one holdup man received an education in how much things have changed. Selecting an intended victim, he approached the man as he walked out of a store in the South Loop neighborhood of the Windy City.

Displaying his firearm, he demanded his victim’s valuables. Initially compliant, the victim began handing over his things before seizing a chance to draw his own handgun and shoot his assailant. The robber was struck in the chest and collapsed on the spot. He was pronounced dead at the hospital later that night. The chosen victim had a valid Illinois handgun carry permit.

SOURCE: Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago, Illinois, 12/26/17

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