It has been said—to the point of becoming a cliché—that our future rests with our children. And so, in a departure from my usual ramblings about firearms, tactics and politics, this month I want to touch on a subject that is not only important, but may be crucial in the coming years—mentoring.

As America continues to become more and more urbanized and activities for youth become more and more centered around indoor electronic devices, the chances for many children to experience the shooting and outdoor sports will decrease at an equal rate. If the only thing they hear about firearms is from the talking heads on the far left, you cannot expect them to grow up to be informed champions of liberty.

How can you help? Set a good example by becoming a coach or mentor in youth baseball, soccer, football, archery, fishing or a hunter/safety instructor. By becoming involved in such activities, you will also meet the parents of kids on your son or daughter’s team. By setting a good example, when the time is right, you may have the chance to take some kids to the local range and introduce them to shooting with BB guns or .22 rifles.

Parents who have been on the fence about the Second Amendment will realize, at the very least, that firearms owners are not the nut cases we have been portrayed as by the liberal media. And while they may never own firearms themselves, we will gain allies by their becoming informed—likewise for their kids when they reach voting age.

Endeavor to become someone young people will look up to. The difference you make now may have far-reaching consequences later. And besides, it can be a helluva lot of fun. I know—I coach Little League baseball and youth football and at times I think I even have more fun than the boys.


Since Publisher Rich Lucibella purchased it in 2001, S.W.A.T. Magazine has continued to raise the bar and become the finest firearms and tactics publication in the world—bar none. Well, Rich has raised the bar yet again. In addition to Publisher, Rich will soon be wearing another hat, that of Executive Producer.

The entire S.W.A.T. team is excited to announce that, beginning in January, we will have a new show airing on the Outdoor Channel: S.W.A.T. TV. Hosted by Rob Pincus, S.W.A.T. Contributing Staff member and director of I.C.E. Training, the show will feature SWAT teams in action, tactical instruction and interviews with some of the top tactical instructors. Scheduled guests include Louis Awerbuck, Sheriff Ken Campbell, Wes Doss and James Yeager.

S.W.A.T. TV is scheduled to appear on the Outdoor Channel on Wednesday nights, with the first airing on Wednesday, January 6th. You won’t want to miss it, so if your local cable or satellite company is not already carrying the Outdoor Channel, request it.

Until next time, stay low and watch your back.

Denny Hansen

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