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The Cutting Edge: Emerson Combat Karambit

The Emerson Knives Combat Karambit is an ideal knife for last-ditch personal defense at extreme close quarters. Ernest Emerson considers it to be “one of the best personal defense weapons ever developed.” The ancient design of the Karambit (pronounced kah-rahm-bit) has been traced to the Indonesian archipelago as… Read More

Custom Firearm Finishes: Looking For Something Different?

Custom Firearm Finishes (CFF), operating out of Eagle River, Alaska, will paint your weapon with a specific personalized pattern which should satisfy the most frustrated and/or discriminating gun owner. Yes, the operative word is “paint”, and no, that doesn’t mean some grade three, two-minute spray job out of an aerosol can bought at Wally World. Read More

Beta Company Magazine Loaders: Loading Ammunition Efficiently

Magazines are the devices that keep your firestick fed. Unlike what we see on the big screens, magazines do not come from the factory pre-loaded with an inexhaustible supply of cartridges. Unlike the fantasy of some magazine writers, they don’t come out of “supply” already loaded and ready to shoot. Read More