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MENTORING NEW SHOOTERS: Training the Next Generation

Family of shooters enjoy learning safe, responsible use of firearms during family outing. We’ve all seen Internet videos of someone trying a high-powered gun for the first time. Often it ends with an incident of “scope-eye,” a bruised shoulder, dropped weapon, or busted lip. These… Read More

LONG GUNS Aimpoint CompM5

CompM5 throw lever mount allows easy installation of optic to allow use of both eyes. I’ve tried quite a few optical sights available for the AR-15 platform, and found many of them durable and effective. In fact, I have one AR-15 with a top rail… Read More

LONG GUNS: Steyr SSG 08 in .300 Win Mag

Thompson shoots SSG 08 .300 Win Mag from the bench. I became a fan of the Steyr SSG rifle almost 40 years ago when I got my SSG 69 rifle. At the time, it was generally rated the best sniping rifle in the world, though… Read More


Anything worth doing is worth doing strong hand. Recent class takes on single-hand string from a drill. From the earliest days of the handgun, the weapon was primarily fired with a single hand. In retrospect, it is downright curious how little emphasis was placed on… Read More


There are obvious clues to the subject of this photograph. Hint: It’s not the big pointy thing. I’m just back from a marvelous month-long vacation in Paris, France. Despite the increased security across the board, the intrusions were reasonable, the crowds cooperative, and the sites… Read More

LONG GUNS: Lapua Rifle Ammunition

Five shots with Lapua 185-grain Scenar, fired from DSA Para-Model FAL into 2.5 inches at 100 yards. To provide a reliable source of military ammunition for the Finnish Army, the Valtion Patruunatehdas (VPT) ammunition factory in Lapua, Finland was opened in 1923. VPT ammunition soon… Read More

CROSSING THE RED LINE: Women Train To Fight Back

Stacey with carbine and pistol at the range.Stacey Adams is a pretty typical American woman, a 40-something self-described liberal, raised in Northern California and now living in Colorado. She shops at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s when she gets into the city. She has a… Read More