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Survival Savvy: Gearing Up for the Next Level

People who prepare usually tend to focus on the survival basics: security/self-defense, water, food, first aid, sanitation/hygiene, knowing when to get out and when to stay put. This represents a great start, and if that’s all you do, you’ll still be far better off than the majority of the population. Read More

Danger in the Desert: Surviving a Hostile Environment

The desert Southwest encompasses an immense area. While the desert offers many opportunities, it’s an unforgiving environment to the unprepared. Always tell a friend or relative when and where you’re going and when you plan to return. Clothing requirements vary with the season and elevation. Lightweight light-colored clothing that… Read More

Off-Road to Recovery: Gear for Vehicle Self-Rescue

An urban disaster or public emergency that forces an evacuation is about as real as it gets. With little or no warning, you may find yourself in the middle of a very ugly situation. If you read S.W.A.T. Magazine on a regular basis, you are most likely very well prepared—your… Read More

Fire: Friend or Foe?

It may happen while you’re asleep, cooking dinner, taking a shower or surfing the internet—in fact, it can happen when you’re doing just about anything around the house. First you notice a faint smell of burning, but within seconds you can see smoke. Your house is on fire and you… Read More

Bug-Out Bag 101: Planning and Packing

You’re sitting quietly at home, watching TV with the family, when something unimaginable happens. The “why” or “what” doesn’t really matter—what does matter is that you only have a few minutes to gather up your family and evacuate your home. It’s uncertain what you will face or when you… Read More

Road Warrior: Preparing a Get Home Bag

If a disaster occurs while you’re away from your home (and your preparations), what do you do? Do you have a plan and the necessary supplies to help get you back home quickly and safely? Or will you find yourself among the many thousands of panicked, desperate people waiting for… Read More