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Frontline Debriefs: Fighting When You’re Hit

In my previous column, I discussed what you might expect should you be struck by gunfire. Since the expectation can run the gamut due to all the variables present in gunfights, it is probably a wise move to steel yourself ahead of time should this become a reality. All… Read More

Frontline Debriefs: When You’re Hit

I’ve not yet been shot. Shot at? Yes. Hit? No. It’s not much of a party. On the first night of the L.A. riots in 1992, 11 other officers and I were engaged in a major gunfight with many suspects in the projects at 114th and Central. We were… Read More

Frontline Debriefs: Cop TV: Tripe or Training Films?

Years ago, the reality show genre spooled up covering just about every facet of society. The police arena was not immune to this by any stretch and in fact there are probably more reality shows regarding law enforcement and court than any other venture. I found myself featured in a… Read More

Frontline Debriefs: The Active Shooter

In late September and early October there were three separate school shootings within the span of a week. These tragic incidents are not about to go away any time soon and, as a point of fact, they may increase. During the 26 years I spent in the Metropolitan Division… Read More

Frontline Debriefs: It Can Happen!

Very recently, two Los Angeles Police Officers were struck and subsequently injured in separate gunfights. LA is a violent city; about that there can be no mistake. In one Southend division alone, there were seven separate officer involved shootings (OIS) in a span of just eight weeks, and there are… Read More