Enemy At The Gates

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Enemy at the Gate: Yassuh, Massah Bloomberg!

We activists have been saying all along that “gun control” is really victim disarmament. I can’t recall our enemies ever addressing that issue directly, but now one of the biggest guns (you’ll pardon the expression) in the anti-gun movement has admitted the truth. And boy, did he admit it in… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: What’s Wrong With Universal Background Checks?

What’s wrong with universal background checks (UBC) for firearm purchases? Everything! End of story. Now you can skip this column and go on to perusing the cool guns and useful advice in the rest of this issue of S.W.A.T. Because seriously, every politically aware Second Amendment practitioner knows how… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Right To Rebellion

Is there a right to rebel against government? “No way!” says Paul Begala. So who is Begala and why should his opinion count for anything? He was a chief strategist of the 1992 Clinton/Gore presidential campaign and a prominent advisor to Clinton. He later co-hosted CNN’s Crossfire political-debate program. Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Bloodlust of the Anti-Gunners

The Bloombergian “moms” and their friends have been violent lately. “You see a GunFilth waving its penis substitute, exit, call police. Armed robbery in progress.” So recommends Twitter user LittleBlackDog. Lest you be tempted to think that creatures like LittleBlackDog are anomalies—embarrassing creeps who get quickly put down… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: We Don’t All Need To Be Rambo

I own guns. I’ve had some decent training, but it was a while back. I don’t practice frequently. When I do, it tends to be with a favored few firearms. I haven’t rehearsed clearing a room or firing while “moving in a highly dynamic manner” in ages. Nor do I… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: We, The Rattlesnake

British colonists arriving on America's shores discovered a lot of inhospitable things. Rocky soil and nasty weather in the north. Malaria in the south. And eventually hostile natives everywhere. Among the many unfriendlies were rattlesnakes. Colonists on the north coast encountered the timber rattlesnake. Those farther south had to deal with the eastern diamondback, the most massive pit viper in the world. Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Right To Resist Or Duty To Submit?

Here’s a theoretical case: You’re moving out of your apartment while having “words” with your spouse. She calls a neighbor and tells him you’re throwing things around the room, but you haven’t physically attacked her. The neighbor rushes over, at which point you’re stomping across the parking lot with… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Proudly Redneck

Nigger. Kike. Wop. Mick. Chink. Gook. Dago. Spic. Bet those words made you cringe a little, didn’t they? Maybe even more than a little. Now try another word: Redneck. Or how about cracker, rube, hick, good ole boy, hayseed, or hillbilly? Not so much of a cringe… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Civility or Servility?

Every so often, politicians and pundits go on a “civility” binge. I don’t mean that they become more personally gracious toward others. Hardly. I mean that they stick their noses in the air and demand that we, the Great Unwashed, conduct our political discourse in a more polite and proper… Read More

Enemy at the Gate: Spirit of Rebellion

On the night of August 1-2, 1946, a group of American World War II veterans attacked their own county government with firearms.* On a summer day in 1969, thousands of citizens of the tiny Soviet republic of Estonia simply sang a song. And sang it and sang it and… Read More