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Photos Courtesy SIG Sauer MCX Rattler SBR is SIG MCX in a discrete platform. It was developed to meet a request from U.S. Special Operations Command. The SIG Sauer MCX Rattler is one of the coolest new kids on the block. Billed as the “world’s… Read More

ENEMY AT THE GATE: “Nuclear Option” To Enforce Gun Confiscation

In the past, when a member of the United States Congress mentioned the “nuclear option,” it was a reference to a parliamentary maneuver by which the Senate majority party could do with a simple majority what would otherwise require clearing the more difficult hurdle of a three-fifths majority. It was… Read More

FRONTLINE DEBRIEFS: To Shoot or Not To Shoot

Recently, a somewhat controversial police shooting transpired that garnered national headlines. West Virginia Police Officer Stephen Mader (who is white) was ostensibly terminated for not firing upon an armed suspect (who was black) and who was believed to be suicidal. Other officers, upon arrival, did fire upon the suspect. Officer… Read More

GOOD GUYS WIN! Second Amendment in Action

There is no such thing as a magic bullet. Shot placement is the deciding factor. On the Way to Sunday School A middle-aged Detroit woman and her adult daughter were leaving for church at 1030 on a Sunday morning when they were accosted by a… Read More

LONG GUNS: FN 15 Military Collector M4

Right side of FN 15 Military Collector M4. Profile is very similar to GI-issue M4. I took the vow not to buy any more AR-15s a couple of years ago. I had enough variants to fit any normal shooting/self-defense needs, plus a couple of extras… Read More

CHAIR QUAL: Barricade Skills Using a Folding Chair

Simple folding chair can stand in for a vehicle or complex barricade in the Chair Qual—a ten-shot, 50-yard carbine test of barricade skills. In many carbine classes, shooters are shown several ways to adapt their long gun to cover to make a mid-range hit. This… Read More

AGAINST ALL ODDS: Stranded With a Vehicle

Author looks at his tracks, which in a few hours were completely covered with fresh snow. This is the kind of scene James Kim had to walk through during his fight for survival. If you drive through a remote area, whether the terrain is wooded,… Read More

OFFBEAT: Field-Expedient Lubrication

Author’s “repair kit.” You finally get a chance to go shooting with one of your pals. Of course, as a S.W.A.T. reader, your guns are clean and lubed. But your buddy is, uh, not so diligent. In fact, the last time he lubed his pistols… Read More