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AGAINST ALL ODDS: Urban Survival Sheltering

Rocks underfoot may not be the best environment to build a shelter, though proper water drainage and brick make this potential shelter site worthwhile. Tarp blocks possible wind entering from holes in fence. Short overhang gives additional wind resistance when needed. Many books and classes… Read More

LONG GUNS: Maadi AK-47

Thompson fires Maadi from standing rest. For many who weren’t buying semi-auto rifles 35 years ago, it’s hard to imagine that the ubiquitous AK-47 was virtually unobtainable then. For those of us who wanted an AK-type rifle, the earliest choice was the Finnish Valmet M62,… Read More

THE CUTTING EDGE: Hogue EX-F01 Fixed-Blade Knife

Hogue EX-F01 is an outstanding combat and survival knife. It’s available in two blade lengths and comes with Hogue milspec Cordura Ballistic Nylon sheath. Hogue is best known for its outstanding firearms accessories, but Hogue also makes some of the best knives on the market. Read More


Not too long ago, a Krispy Kreme Doughnut truck in Kentucky succumbed to fire in an event best described as “vehicle flambeau.” Officers on scene displayed various stages of grief and dismay at the tragic and grievous loss of such a culinary staple to those sworn to protect and serve. Read More

ENEMY AT THE GATE: Gun Bans for “Thoughtcrimes”?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, because the gun ban zealots have been heading in this direction for a very long time, but it’s still somehow shocking to see them actually come out and try to make it become the law of the land that anyone deemed by “the authorities”… Read More

LAWFUL CARRY: 5.11 Tactical Defender-Flex Jeans & Pants

Men’s Defender-Flex Straight Jean. Defender-Flex line is designed to provide low-vis tactical without sacrificing performance. Photo: 5.11 Tactical 5.11 Tactical® originated the concept of the tactical pant. Originally designed and sold by Royal Robbins as utilitarian pants for mountain climbers, they were adopted by the… Read More

OFFBEAT: Thyrm CLENS Weaponlight Lens Protector

Photos Courtesy Thyrm CLENS applies easily to lens of weaponlight or flashlight. It is optically clear and does not affect light output or beam pattern. If you shoot a lot with a weaponlight attached to your firearm, you have encountered an annoying problem: Carbon buildup… Read More


7.62x51mm chambered FN SCAR 20S has power to spare, and its 20-inch barrel is not the hindrance one may imagine, due to how the rifle is balanced and handles. Rumors have swirled at every SHOT Show for years that the Designated Marksman Rifle version of… Read More


CRKT KUK’s profile is readily identifiable as Kukri-type blade. Ryan Johnson collaborated with CRKT in its design. Photo: CRKT An edged weapon has a primitive appeal that is hard to deny. In many ways, proficiency with a knife in your hands can be more viable… Read More