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Lawful Carry: Home Enforcement & Protection Cabinets

Twenty years ago no one locked their doors, cars or slept with their windows shut. In fact, I remember as a boy the only door that was closed at the ranch was the screen door—and that only to keep the dogs and other critters out. The thought of having to… Read More

Hornady Academy Police Precision Rifle Course

The scheduling of the four-day Hornady Academy Police Precision Rifle Course could not have been better. On May 20th, I took delivery of a new Robar rifle and the course started on May 23rd. I’d only have to wait three days to run this rifle through its paces in a practical and intense setting. Book the flight, pack the gear. Read More

Beta Company Magazine Loaders: Loading Ammunition Efficiently

Magazines are the devices that keep your firestick fed. Unlike what we see on the big screens, magazines do not come from the factory pre-loaded with an inexhaustible supply of cartridges. Unlike the fantasy of some magazine writers, they don’t come out of “supply” already loaded and ready to shoot. Read More

Training and Tactics: The Reload

Bullets are flying, you need to reload, and this is no time for cerebral flatulence. The question is what technique do you use for the ammunition replenishment process? Logically, the decision depends on two major factors: the weaponry being utilized, and the specific circumstances and progression of the… Read More