September 2013

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.308 AR Battle Royale: Six Go Head to Head

This year at SHOT, several S.W.A.T. readers approached me with questions about .308 ARs. They wanted to know what I thought about gun X or gun Y. Which was the most accurate, the most reliable, handled the best—the normal things gun guys think about. I have to confess I had no idea. I have a…

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Everyday Carry Gear: How Much Is Too Much?

The question of how much gear the private citizen should have with him on a daily basis is a difficult one. This discussion usually devolves into, “If you only carry this, you’re an idiot. If you don’t carry what I do, you’re a moron.”

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Batch Reloading: Time is Money

In the beginning, there was Bullseye pistol shooting, and it was good. Then came High Power Rifle shooting, and that too was good. And then PPC (also known throughout the land as Position Bullseye shooting), and Handgun Silhouette, and Combat (now Practical) Pistol, and the same for Rifle, and 3 Gun, and they were all…

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Training and Tactics: Preflight Check

We’ve all experienced the problem: the nagging doubt that we’ve forgotten some material possession when setting out on a trip. But, like the proverbial name on the tip of one’s tongue, we can never identify the missing object until it’s too late. Only once you’re too far from your domicile to warrant making a U-turn…

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