October 2010

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The Cutting Edge: Lone Wolf Knives Paul Defender

Lone Wolf Knives® Paul Defender™ was the winner of the prestigious “Overall Knife of the Year” award at the 2009 Blade Show. The design of the Paul Defender is the result of collaboration between Lone Wolf designers and Paul Poehlmann, inventor of the patented Paul “Axial Locking Mechanism.” The semi-custom Defender combines a stunning appearance,…

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Filthy 14: Bravo Company Carbine Goes 31,165 Rounds

The M16 was first promoted as a gun that needed no maintenance. While that statement proved false, a number of factors, including propellant powder and a lack of cleaning supplies and training, led to failures on the battlefield that are still being ballyhooed by muckrakers and the unknowing. They ignore the fact that the M16…

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Resurrected in Steel: Return of the Ithaca Model 37

The history behind the Ithaca Gun Company and the Model 37 is a long one. In 1883, William Henry Baker and partners went into business as the Ithaca Gun Company and started making side-by-side shotguns in Ithaca, NY. John Pederson was credited with designing the Remington Model 31, Model 10 and the basis for the…

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The Machine Pistol: Why Does It Even Exist?

I’ve always been rather ambivalent about the machine pistol. First, let me clarify that I do not use the term “machine pistol” in the German sense, which gives the “MP” designation for submachine guns. I use it to refer to those select-fire pistols that pose as submachine guns, or maybe it’s submachine guns that pose…

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Offbeat: Crimson Trace MVF-515

The MVF-515 is the newest rifle laser sight from Crimson Trace. The modular MVF-515 is designed to serve as a multi-purpose tactical platform as Crimson Trace develops new modules and capabilities. The MVF-515 will be replacing the Crimson Trace VF-302 and LG-525. The Crimson Trace MVF-515 Modular Vertical Foregrip Light and Laser combines a powerful…

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