March 2015

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Switch Rail: Princeton Tec Low-Signature Task Light

People use lights for a variety of reasons. These lights may be in the visual or infrared spectrum, and they may be handheld or, for some, weapon or helmet mounted. For all users, the light needs to be powerful enough to satisfy their mission requirements. This might range from 100… Read More

Shotmaxx: State-of-the-Art Shot Timer

I admit, I’m an old timer, err, “seasoned shooter.” I shot my first “combat” (now Practical) match in 1971. At that time, power factor was found using a ballistic pendulum. Score, then as now, was by seeing where hits were on the targets. In those days, as today, we used… Read More

Hitting the Sweet Spot: Smith & Wesson Model 69 .44 Magnum

At the 2014 SHOT Show, Smith & Wesson introduced a new revolver—the Model 69. The 69 is an L-Frame five-shot stainless steel .44 Magnum. Did you catch that? An L-Frame .44 Magnum five-shooter? Those three things do not seem to go naturally together. With all the fanfare over better-publicized… Read More

In the Gravest Extreme: One-Handed Gun Manipulation

In firearms training and practice, a danger exists of doing all manipulations with the idea that the extremities are all working, because at the range they are. But in an actual defensive encounter, one limb might become inoperable before the fight is over. Although the chance of this is… Read More

Offbeat: Aimpoint Micro T-2

Years ago I attended my first carbine course with a carbine equipped only with iron sights. Being somewhat of a Luddite, I had completely bought into the argument that red dot sights (RDS) were not only fragile, but their batteries would go dead when you needed them most. As… Read More

East Meets West: CMMG Mk47 Mutant AKM

What if you could have the best attributes of the AR, using the 7.62x39mm cartridge? The most commonly heard complaint about the AR-15/M4 family of weapons is that it uses a cartridge that many feel is underpowered. The most commonly heard grievances toward AK-type weapons are that they are… Read More

Lawful Carry: Handgun Combatives CAP Holster

What does Dave Spaulding, 2010 Law Officer Trainer of the Year, do when not engaged in training, writing, and other gunfighting services? In his “spare time,” his fertile martial mind comes up with new gunfighting gear or “better mousetraps” to improve the self-defense shooter or police officer‘s edge for winning… Read More

Knowing the Knife: Cold Hard Facts About Cold Steel

There are many myths floating around regarding knives being used as weapons. This article will address many of them. Fallacies and fantasies abound, so let’s take a look. Why do people use knives as weapons? Because they are widely available and can be obtained cheaply or for free. A… Read More

Good Guys Win!: Second Amendment in Action

A resident of Phoenix, Arizona was getting out of her car when a man approached her and asked to use her cell phone. Since he was a stranger, she refused, whereupon he hauled her bodily from her car and threw her on the ground, then jumped into the driver's seat and began to drive away. Her neighbors, a married couple, witnessed the assault and ran toward the reversing vehicle, in an attempt to intervene in the carjacking. Read More