June 2009

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Training and Tactics: Double Up

Most human organs are provided in pairs. Eyes, ears, arms, lungs, legs and kidneys are all paired, but probably the two most important organs—the brain and the heart—have no backup units. If either of these fails, you’re dog meat. And much like when your heart or brain becomes inoperative, if you are relegated to one-handed…

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The Cutting Edge: Benchmade AFO II Automatic

The first automatic knife I ever owned was in junior high school and was carried during my Rebel Without a Cause phase. The one that I remember best from back in the day, however, is one I took off a local troublemaker at the popular “Lover’s Lane” in my college town. There had been a…

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Long Guns: SIG 556 Short SF

Since I’ve been using a SIG 550 for many years, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about whether the SIG 556 could measure up to the legendary 550. I started using a 556 SWAT model a few months ago and actually have been quite impressed. It kept many features of the…

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The Eighth Deadly Sin: Magazine Monopod Prone Evaluated

For decades Marine Primary Marksmanship Instructors have stalked the 500 yard line, growling from under their pith helmets at prone shooters to “Get that magazine off the deck!” Why? Because the Marine Corps Order (MCO 3574.2J) forbids shooters to rest the magazine on a ground. This is variously passed off as because it will cause…

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Family Affair: Charter Arms Revolvers

While I like revolvers, based on my experience, wheelguns—especially Snubbys—are actually about 20% harder to shoot well, excluding the more complex manual of arms of an auto-loader. That does not mean, however, that the Snubby is not still a viable weapon.

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