January 2017

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The Strong Silent Type: Straight Scoop on Suppressors

Silencer: A device designed to muffle the report of a firearm. Suppressors, or silencers, also colloquially known as cans, have been around since the late 1800s. The first patented one came from Maxim in 1909. At the same time, Maxim also developed the muffler for gasoline engines—they share the same principles. The hot gas leaving…

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Malfunction Reduction: Stay in the Fight! Part I

A malfunction is a stoppage in the cycle of operations. This stoppage can take many different paths, and we codify each one and break them into two broad categories: those that can be reduced with Immediate Action and those requiring Remedial Action.

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Cutaway Instructional Firearm: Project Phoenix, Part Two

After my house was destroyed by a fire on 10 April 2005, Kevin McClung of Mad Dog Knives helped me clean up my firearms so I could read the serial numbers and report them as lost to the BATF. Firemen had unceremoniously dumped them all into a pile in my backyard. Kevin and I put them in a 55-gallon barrel to take them to his shop so we could run a cutting torch through the receivers.

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Wheelgun Wisdom: Running Double-Action Revolvers

Recently I had the privilege of instructing the "revolver day" of a New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy's Firearms Instructor Course. Fourteen cops were in the class, and experience ranged from a few years to one gent with 27 years in the bag...

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The Cutting Edge: ESEE Knives CM6

ESEE Knives has collaborated with many outdoorsmen over the past few years, creating a new era of modern cutlery with years of experience behind them. The CM6 was one of the first collaborations of this kind, with outdoorsman Terrill Hoffman.

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