January 2007

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What to Do After a Shooting: Practical and Prudent Courses of Action

Obviously, you want to do whatever you reasonably can to avoid using deadly force. But if you are forced to shoot someone in self-defense, you need to know what to do after the shooting. Let’s look at some legally and tactically sound suggestions for what to do after a shooting if you’re an off-duty/plainclothes police officer or civilian firearm licensee. Read More

Against All Odds: Easy Disaster Preparations

Back in the early 1980s, a buddy of mine who was “connected” started telling stories out of school. Stories about nukes being hijacked by terrorists, tales of bombs already sighted in American cities, hints about the existence of a “fifth column” of terrorists who infiltrated through our porous Southern border. I did what checking I could and began to become nervous—very nervous. Read More

SWAT K9 Officer Down: Now What?

Since its initial concept in the 1970s, SWAT teams and tactics have evolved dramatically, due to the explosive rise in technology to assist operators in safely bringing crisis situations to a close. With the improvements in night vision, optics, ballistics, ballistic protection, weapons and hardware, SWAT teams can call upon these numerous platforms... Read More

Situational Handgun Ready Positions: Another Perspective

Ready gun positions are separated into two broad areas, high and low. Anything at chest level or above is high and those oriented below the sternum are considered low. There are preferred RG positions for stronghold clearing and room combat, and there are those that work best when maneuvering in extremely confined quarters, as well as others most suitable for “tube fighting” scenarios. Read More

Training and Tactics: Fighting Shotgun Stock Length

“Beware of the man, not the weapon.” This adage has held true since time immemorial, and will predominantly decide who will be the victor and who will be the vanquished in a rencounter. This having been said, however, there is no question that the right equipment for the right… Read More

Thumper TG 6 Non-Pyrotechnic: A Bang Without The Boom

After early uses by the Israelis at Entebbe, the West Germans in Mogadishu and the British at Princes Gate, the idea of using a very bright and loud noise to distract the Bad Guys before coming through their door spread to American law enforcement tactical teams. Read More

SMG 101: Training And Deployment Of The Submachine Gun

Although overshadowed by the patrol rifle concept in most cases, there still appears to be a need for the submachine gun (SMG) in some law enforcement circles, as it is alive and well in many departments. The catalyst for me to take a close look at the SMG as… Read More

Defensive Knife Fighting: Decisively Disabling The Threat

“Stopping power” is a term that’s familiar to all shooters, particularly those who own and carry guns on duty or for personal defense. In simple terms, it means the likelihood of a particular caliber or round to incapacitate an opponent when he’s struck with it. It also relates to the… Read More

Frontline Debriefs: It Can Happen!

Very recently, two Los Angeles Police Officers were struck and subsequently injured in separate gunfights. LA is a violent city; about that there can be no mistake. In one Southend division alone, there were seven separate officer involved shootings (OIS) in a span of just eight weeks, and there are… Read More

Briefing Room: A New Year

As this issue hits newsstands, a new year is just days away. Whether it will be good or bad depends a lot on your personal viewpoints. In last month’s general election, the Democratic Party gained the majority, and hence control of, the U.S. House of Representatives. If your candidate… Read More