December 2012

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Man Skills: Cumberland Tactics Practical Rifle Course

As we’ve seen in the past with gun control legislation, it is an incremental and gradual process, first vilifying and then legislating the most “evil” guns before moving on to others. The politicians will save the wooden guns for last, because taking Bubba’s deer rifle will prove the most difficult (although they are already laying…

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Small But Serious: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Smith & Wesson (S&W) has finally joined the growing field of increasingly popular full-power sub-sub-compact pistols specifically designed for concealed carry with its new M&P Shield in 9x19mm and .40 S&W calibers. (the 9mm version is reviewed here.) This downsizing is also testimony to the soundness of the M&P design and engineering. From the basic…

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My First Kalashnikov: Arsenal SLR-107F AK

I’ve been dragging my feet on getting my own Kalashnikov for years now. In the past, I could never bring myself to put down the cash for even bargain-priced variants at gun shows. I would borrow one when I needed to familiarize myself before deploying or, when overseas, shoot the local versions. I always had the nagging suspicion it was more of a “buyer beware” situation with so many inexpensive, rough-as-a-cob variants out there than the general AK reputation for reliability would indicate.

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